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Evan – The Photographer

A few weeks ago at one of our family gatherings Evan had my camera and took quite a few pictures.  I believe most of these are from the weekend my sister and her husband visited.  We had a weekend party fest of food and fun.  Here’s how our family dinner/gathering looked through Evan’s eyes.  Enjoy!

As you can see Evan loves his self portraits, and is becoming quite the ham with them.   He’s building quite a portfolio of pictures, and I can only imagine what’s going to happen when his baby sister arrives.

Do you let your kids/grandkids that are under 10 take pictures with your camera?  Would love to hear from you all.  Happy Sunday everyone.

Baseball through Evan’s Eyes

Kids, and especially my grandson,  have an entirely different perspective on things than we adults do.  At our recent family outing to the Angels game,  Evan got permission to use my camera, with the wrist strap on of course.  He took some really interesting pictures, and I wanted to share the ballpark experience with everyone through Evan’s eyes.

The Ball Field:




The Fans:


The sky was an amazing blue on game day:


The Fam:

There is always time for the self portraits:

If you know anything about Evan’s picture-taking adventures you know he loves to take pictures of these:

The six-year-old perspective is so amazing, and I absolutely love how he always takes pictures of his feet!!

Evan loves to take pictures.  Maybe he needs his own digital camera (not!).  There’s probably an e-book somewhere in Evans future, where we’ll collect all of the pictures he’s taken over the years.  I’m sure we’ll see lots of pictures of those feet.

Guess who got a hold of my camera?

One day before school last week Evan was bopping around the house taking pictures.  I did not really pay close attention to what he was doing, as I just like to let him go and be creative.  The pictures below are his own doing, and I am amazed at the range of expressions with his self portraits.  His mother has not seen these yet, and I know it will give her a good laugh.

The pictures with the little smiley pictures are sitting on my desk.  The family pictures you are seeing are the pictures that Evan took of my digital picture frame.  I really think he’s a budding photographer.  I may be biased on this point because I’m his Grandma.  But I love his little pictorials.

What a different world Evan is growing up in.  The digital age of pictures is just “normal” for him.  Taking self portraits is “normal” for him.  Being able to view the pictures you have just taken on your computer is “normal” for him.  Oh what a different world Evan is growing up in.  I love letting him be creative, and just doing his own thing.

These pictures just make you smile.  Happy weekend everyone, enjoy the weekend!

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