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Cavorting in Colorado


A glimpse of the Rocky Mountains.

A few days ago I shared my Road Warrior story about our trip to Denver.  It was a quick trip there and back, and then a day and a half later my Travel Man took off to Spain for a week. Yes this is how our crazy life works.  Travel here-travel there and planning ahead pretty much is non-existent.  I have come to terms with that part of our lives, and I just make sure our time together is quality time.  No fussing, nagging or whining allowed!

Now, while Travel Man was doing his work thing I kept the rental car and went exploring in Thornton, Colorado.  This was truly a first time experience for me.  I normally just stay at the hotel and take walks to go shopping or to eat, or many times I go for a swim at the hotel pool. But this day was different, I had some wheels and I wanted to make the most of them!  Also, I did have the trusty Travel Man GPS to guide me on my way.

In our normal travel tradition (for us this is “normal”, you may think we are just weird) I located the nearest Super Wal-Mart and got some snacks and bottled water for our hotel stay.  Next I wanted to get some cash so I used the GPS and found an ATM nearby.  After that stop I decided to bop over to Barnes and Noble for some “browsing” time.  (This was going to turn into a shopping afternoon after all.) While at Barnes and Noble I happened on a display of adult coloring books.  These books are the latest “stress-relieving” rage.  Have you picked one up and perused it yet?  I could not resist not getting one, so I picked out one that had designs that appealed to me.  I did browse around the store a little after that, and tried to locate some colored pencils, but there were no bargains to be found.  So, it was off to the Office Max next door for some colored pencils.  The pencils were successfully located, and there was a Cost Plus next to the Office Max.  Of course I had to go in and browse the Cost Plus.  Such interesting furniture and fabrics there.  A fun place for browsing to your heart’s content.


Coloring for me…

My last stop of the afternoon was the hotel.  I wanted to get us all checked in before I had to pick up Travel Man from work.  Now remember this is not my normal operating mode. Usually I am the travelling bystander and Travel Man is taking care of these details. Not on this day though, it was my job to get it done!  After we were successfully checked in it was time to go and get the Travel Man from work.  We had a nice anniversary dinner together, and then got ready to head for home the next day.

Our dinnertime fajita platter-yum!

Our dinnertime fajita platter-yum!

This was a definitely a different kind of day for me.  It was nice to change-up the travel routine and do a few out of the ordinary things on my own.  What’s the last travel adventure you took by yourself?  I’d love to hear about where you’ve been.

It’s a Mapper’s World…..






Reaching back into my story archives today to share my view of maps and summertime. Enjoy!

In our present world of all things electronic there are just a few things that I still enjoy holding a paper copy of.  One of my favorites is a map.  I’m in the car with my favorite travel chum, cooler full of drinks and snacks,  great tunes on the radio, and we’re heading out for Somewhere, USA.  My travel chum always has his GPS plugged in, however I prefer my good old paper map.  You know the AAA variety, or maybe a trip-tik to Anywhere, USA.  I’m pretty sure this love of maps comes from the travel days with my parents.  We had some wonderful family vacations growing up, and I was always the kid in the car who never slept.  I did not want to miss any of the sights, and my favorite challenge was to follow along the roadway with my map.  I loved knowing how many miles left to travel, when is the next town going to come along, and the elevations when we were somewhere in the mountains.

Nowadays no matter what state we are travelling to I travel with my maps, even if we are flying and then driving.  If we don’t have a state map for our destination I head over to my friendly AAA office and get one. Yeah!!!  My travel chum has always appreciated the fact that “my maps” readily display the rest areas, and the next exit.  Plus I am pretty good at calculating the miles in between the little black or red arrows. No GPS required for the map lover. Also, I love having the atlas with me for all 50 states!!  What a treat.  I can flip through the pages, and explore the states we are travelling in or the ones we would like to travel too.  I wonder if there is a map for the “leafer” destinations?  I don’t know if any of our kids have developed this love of maps.  I fear their maps will only be the electronic variety. And one final tip for anyone travelling to the Southern California area be sure to include a drive up the coast to Monterey in your travels.  Spectacular, breathtaking views, and a big map of California is a necessity.  Happy trails to you all.

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