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It’s Someone Special’s Birthday Today…

Today is our granddaughter’s 3rd birthday.  Miss Madison is becoming quite the young lady/tomboy.  She loves to paint her nails with her Auntie Hilly, and she also loves to play with matchbox cars.  It’s quite a combination.  I remember so distinctly the day Madison was born.  Our entire family, including my parents were at our house for dinner waiting for “the call”.  Once we got the call that Madison had arrived we celebrated with whoops, and hollers and hugs.  A fun celebration, and a great memory.

Madison has been working on her photography skills this year.  She loves to take her “selfies”, with some little kissy lips mixed in. So being the wonderful Grandma that I am I couldn’t help but share some of her selfies mixed in with some of my favorite pictures of my favorite (and only) granddaughter from this year.

Happy, Happy Birthday Madison.  May all of your dreams come true.

maddys 3rd bd

We Have our Weekends Back

IMG_2023-001There was a time earlier this year where Travel Man would be gone for weeks on end.  Weekends really did not mean anything to us because our time together was limited, and never the same day of the week.  Now don’t get me wrong I realize there are a lot of couples that go through life together with wacky, crazy schedules. We too are one of those couples. The nature of Travel Man’s work keeps it that way.

In July, Travel Man decided enough was enough and decided to make a job change.  He is in the same industry, service technician for food packaging machinery, but with a different company.  The company that he is working for now has given him the opportunity to have his/our weekends back.  He is now normally travelling Monday through Friday, and home on the weekends.  We are so elated with this transition, I am almost willing to say we are giddy, but I do not want to jinx the weekends.  I do not think either one of us realized what a tremendous toll his old job was taking on us.  It was affecting his health, straining our relationship, and generally making our lives crazy.

Travel Man started his new job at the beginning of August, and he has been home every single weekend since then.  Yay!!  We can now look forward to making plans for the weekend.  This is a new concept for us.  Going camping, going to a movie, the sky’s the limit. He’s home for family events, gets to spend time with the Grandkiddies, and me too of course.  It has really been wonderful just being able to plan for things to do on the weekends.  I did not realize how much I was truly missing our weekends together, until recently when we got them back.  I would always feel bad making plans for family events happening at our house knowing that Travel Man would not be home to join us.  Just that fact would tug at my heart strings.

We both know and recognize that there will be many times when he cannot be home or get home as planned. That is the nature of the work he does and the business he is in.  That’s ok.  As long as we both know there will likely be more times that we can make plans and fulfill those plans with a minimum amount of changes and disruptions.  We’re so thankful to have our weekends back.

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