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The Power’s out Grandma -Now what do we do?

Last Saturday our beloved Southern California Edison had scheduled some sort of maintenance stuff, and we had been notified that the power would be out some time between the hours of 7am and 3:30pm, by mail.  I wonder how many people in the neighborhood forgot about this and had friends or family over?  This timeframe was ok for me.  I didn’t have a whole lot going on, and whatever was urgent I finished on Friday.  My only commitment was to host my grandson, Evan, for an overnighter so his parents could have a “date night”.

 In a perfect world the power would have been off between 7am and 3:30pm, but in my world the power went out at about 11am, and didn’t come back on until almost 9pm!!!  The nerve. 

 I called my daughter to delay Evan’s arrival until 5pm or so.   Evan came over with the pepperoni pizza and bread sticks in hand, and I had a movie to watch.  At this point in the day the power was supposed to be back on at 6pm.  Of course I called to check on it.  My grandson was on his way over and I was the entertainment!   I figured no big deal, about 45 minutes with no power and then we could get on with our evening.  After Evan put the pizza in the kitchen and said his goodbyes to his Mom, he was investigating the house, the light switches, the tv. Walking around very inquisitively.

And this was his battery of questions-

So you mean the computer won’t turn on?

The light bulbs in the lights won’t turn on?

What about the plugs?  They still work don’t they.

Will the tv turn on how are we going to watch our movie??

And my response to each of these was “No Evan that needs electricity to work”.  It took him awhile to digest that information.

So, 6:15 rolls around, and still no power.  I called again to get a status and now the power won’t be back on until 9pm.  Yikes!  Not the evening I had planned.  Mini panic by Grandma at this time.

Now, Evan’s just a little scared because it’s getting dark, and our entire neighborhood is in the dark.  The street in front of our house is just pitch black.   I lit the fireplace in the living room, lit some candles, and we each had a flashlight.  At some point I had asked Evan if he wanted to go home, and he said, “Nope”.  Evan was too nervous to eat any pizza so he just snacked on the bread sticks.

 We played a short game of memory, and then Evan was looking around the living room and he says, “So this means I can’t play any video games, or watch tv right now”.  I replied, “You’ve got it!  This is a video/tv vacation”.  I’m thinking to myself maybe we should make this a regular thing.

Next I busted about my iPad.  I realize this contradicts my no electronics statement, but a Grandma’s got to go what a Grandma’s got to do.  I have some games on the iPad that Evan likes to play, plus it was well-lit.  We played checkers, tic-tac-toe, connect four, and then scrabble.  Evan’s really starting to get into the scrabble board.  He needs a little help, but enjoys putting the word puzzle together.

 Finally, the power came back on at about 9pm.  We scream Yahooeeeee, turn on the tv to watch the smurfs, make popcorn,  and eat some pizza.  TV/video vacation was over.

Isn’t it funny in this age of all things electronic that we just don’t take more time for some peace and quiet.  I think I have a new concept for overnighters at Grandma’s house.  A video vacation will be part of our new overnighter routine, and we’ll learn a new board game or card game, and read some extra stories together.

It doesn’t get any better than this.  Good night Evan.

Evan’s Scavenger Hunt

Grandson Evan is on his winter break for three weeks.  So he has lots of time on his hands to do “stuff”.  I have the good fortune to be able to take care of him on Thursdays and Fridays while he is on his break.  (I just noticed in this picture he was wearing a legos pirate shirt too – How cool.)

 My Mom (Evan’s Nana) called me last week before he came over with a fun activity for Evan.  “Why don’t you send him on a scavenger hunt?”, my Mom said. “With your big back yard it would be a great place for a hunt”.  I am always game for new and different activities to do with Evan.  So I made up a list of ten things for Evan to search for, and waited for a moment when he was completely bored before I sprang the hunt on him.

Sometime after lunch and a few errands, Evan said, “I don’t have anything to do Grandma, what can I do now?”.  I said, “How about a scavenger hunt, would you like to do that?”.  Evan says, “What is that?”.  So, I explained it to him, and told him there would be a prize for him if he found all ten things on the list.  He was totally game for it.

So I gave him this list and an empty grocery bag to collect everything in.  Here’s what he was searching for:


 He set out with an empty grocery bag to collect the items, and the one that stumped him was the bungee cord.  He had no idea what it was.  I tried to explain that it was like a rope but stretchy with hooks on the ends.  He was not seeing this, so I confess I did help him with this one.  But everything else he found on his own.

Here’s the picture of the goodies he collected. It looks like the leaf blew away before I snapped the picture, but it was there.

His prize was two of those little velvet posters to color.  They were Christmas scenes. When he pulled them out the bag he gave me a big hug and said, “You’re the best grandma ever”.  Just melt my heart.

Then he said, “Now let me make a list for you Grandma!”.  I told him we would do that next week, and he was all for it.  Now we’ll just see if he remembers.

What a fun easy thing to do with him that was different. (Thanks Nana!) Have fun with the six-year olds, and keep giving them adventurous things to do.  Happy hunting everyone.

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