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What’s your Purse Style?

Purse, noun =  A woman’s bag for carrying keys, a wallet, and other personal items; a handbag.

Earlier this week I was with my Mom just hanging out while my Dad was at the doctor.  We both had our purses sitting there on the chair in the waiting room, and my mom’s purse pockets were all opened and filled with stuff.  I said, “Mom I think you need a bigger purse!”    We started comparing a few of the contents of the pockets, and agreed that the pockets of   your purse keep you organized.   It got me to thinking about the purses and wallets we all carry.

 You have a particular pocket for your wallet, one for any personal items you may carry, maybe a pocket for your keys, and definitely a pocket for the sunglasses.  I think this is the part that scares a man away from a women’s purse.  If you ask your favorite guy to get something out of your purse does he hand it to you with a scared look on his face and tell you, “no you do it”?  Or does he just dive into the purse and look for what he needs?  My guy always hands me my purse to get what he needs from it.  He has told me previously he just doesn’t feel right digging through my purse.  Would I dig through his wallet for something I needed?  Probably.

Now are you a “one, big, huge pocket” purse person, or a “I need the compartments” purse person.  I am of the compartment variety.  I like to have the pocket dividers in my purse to keep my stuff somewhat organized.   I tried using a denim, “one, big, huge pocket” purse last summer, and it drove me nuts.  It seemed like everything I wanted to get at was ALWAYS on the very bottom of the purse under everything else.   I decided just to keep the “one, big, huge pocket” bags for a vacation or a trip to the beach.

Same issue goes for wallets.  Do you like a wallet that appears to be a big ‘ol coin purse, or do you prefer the compartments?  You can probably tell a lot about a person by the type of purse and wallet they carry.  Organized or disorganized.  A care free spirit or a worry wart.   Carries the same purse ALL of the time, or has a different purse for every occasion.  The possibilities are endless.


The next time you are in store “browsing” for a new purse, ask yourself this question –  What does my purse say about Me?

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