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When Travel Man left today- Guess who appeared?

When Travel Man left today, for Northern California, we had a total Murphy’s moment. Now you all remember good ol Murph.  He appears when you least expect it and usually not with good news.  You all know the old adage, “If something can go wrong it will.”

Tom and I were walking out of the house through the garage to say our goodbyes, and right in front of our big freezer is this huge puddle of water!  Oh no!  And the water was all the way out on the driveway.  So I’m thinking oh no, the freezer died.  I open the freezer, and it’s still going strong,  lights on and the food is frozen.  This is good news.

Then,  I trace the trail of water all the back to the ….. washer!! Grrrrreat…..

There is a little stream of  water coming from the bottom of the door,  on the front of the washer while  it is closed.  Oh no!  My husband cringes because he must get on the road.  He has a six-hour drive ahead of him.  I can tell without even look at my Travel Man that he is thinking, I should be able to check this out.  One of the perils of being a road warrior.  But I know he needs to leave.  We decide to call for service, that’s my department, and put some out-of-order tape on the washer. (This will throw the twenty something’s off course a little.)

I got an appointment and the washer will get fixed on Saturday morning.  Isn’t it funny how when things breakdown around the house it is always at absolutely the wrong time.  And as a matter of fact is there ever a right time?  So, c’est la vie, life goes on and I have a legitimate excuse not to do ANY laundry for a few days!!  And besides my laundry was already done.  Lucky me.

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