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Giving Thanks in 2014


This has been quite a year for The Spindle Ranch.  Lots of family activities, and always more, and more that we are thankful for.  This year will bring a bit of a smaller Thanksgiving dinner at The Ranch, but that’s alright. This year this holiday will mark a change in the family dynamic.  It will be the first Thanksgiving that two of my kids (the boys to be exact) are gathering with their significant others and their families for the holiday. I am fine with this.  I have always told all of my kids that every holiday and birthday celebration that we have gotten to share together over the years has been a blessing.  We’re very lucky to have had so, so many celebrations and holidays together.  I always knew the time would come when the kids would be sharing their holidays, and now that time has arrived in full force.

Today instead of sharing with you ALL of the things I am thankful for this year I would just like to zero my focus in  on one thing, or I should say one person.  This is one of those years where I have been ever so thankful for my Mom’s great advice and counsel.  My Mom lives with myself and Travel Man.  She’s been staying with us since my Dad passed away in June of 2013.

IMG_01522014-05-17 08.16.09

My Mom has been on what I would call the biggest emotional roller-coaster of her life in the past year and a half.  She’s been getting through her own grief,  and she has also had to be in Illinois for a few months at a time to help my grandparents with their health issues.  Everything going on in her world has kept her emotions in overdrive, and that’s an understatement.  However, we do live together which has allowed us to have some great girl time together; watching our favorite TV dramas, trying out new recipes, teasing Travel Man when he’s home, and chasing granddaughter, Madison, around the house two days a week.

No matter what is going on in our house, or what she is dealing with long distance where my grandparents are concerned my Mom will always say to me, “You know you can talk to me anytime, and about anything.”  I know this but I do not always listen, because I do not want to cause my Mom to have any additional stresses in her life.  I will readily admit that there is no better feeling in the world than being able to share your thoughts with your Mumsie and get her loving, constructive advice in return.  That is my Mom, that is who she is and what she does for me.  My thankfulness for her wise words of wisdom know no bounds.  I am forever grateful to be blessed with her presence in my world, and I know (being a Mom myself) that my Mom will always be there for me, always.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all.  May your world be as filled with the love of a caring family as mine is.



This One’s for My Mom

I’ve been reminiscing all week about past Mother’s days, and memories growing up, and one memory keeps popping back into my head that I thought I should share.

Growing up in northern Illinois my Mom was a teacher for many years.  And for quite a few years she was busy going to night school to earn her Bachelor’s degree.  And I’ m sure she squeezed in time for our nightly activities too.

But this memory sticking out in my mind this week is kind of a funny one,  now that I think back on it.  After school we would all assemble back at home, except for my Dad.  He got home right about dinner time. My Mom would say to us , “I need a little nap, I’m just going to lay down for half an hour”, or whatever the time frame was.  Oh and she would also remind us that we were not to bother her unless there was some sort of emergency, or something to that effect.  I think my memory of this is from when I was 10 or 11, because at that time I remember thinking to myself , a nap before dinner, what is she thinking!! 

But, being the well versed Mom and Grandma that I am now I totally realize why she did this.  She needed her decompression time from her class, and re-energizing time for what ever activity was happening in the evening.  Hats off to you Mom, because you knew what you needed to do to take care of yourself.  Just another awesome Mom memory that eventually taught me this lesson (just last year actually); power naps are good, or should I say napping of any kind is good for you to re-charge your Momster battery. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

What your fondest memory or life lesson from your Mom?

Butter Pecan Birthday Cake

This is a birthday cake recipe post from a couple of years ago.  It was a delightful recipe and worth sharing with you again.

I thought I would put up a recipe post today, just for the mere fact that this cake was so delectable.

My niece, Mary, and my Mom usually celebrate their birthday’s together with the family, since they’re within a week of each other.  This year my brother hosted the party and I was in charge of the cake baking.

Mary found this recipe for Butter Pecan Cake, on www.justapinch.com, and put in a birthday request to her Auntie.

First the batter was mixed all together.  Very sugary, and buttery.

While the batter was in process I toasted 1-1/2 cups of pecans with real butter.  They made the kitchen smell wonderful.

Once the cake was baked and cooled the assembly with the buttercream frosting could begin.

Toasted pecans in the middle


The cakes themselves turned out just a skosh dry, and that was probably from my oven.  But with the frosting, and toasted pecans in the middle and on top of the cake, the flavor  was amazing.

Here’s the finished product which when served with french vanilla ice cream was quite a treat.

This cake was enjoyed by all, and will definitely be added to the family recipe arsenal.  Wishing both Mary and my Mom a Happy Birthday week.

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