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Today is July 4, 2013

485646_3568799254845_1118856945_33474878_372636005_n[1]A very happy Independence Day to all of my blogging friends and neighbors.  If you have been following my blog for any length of time you have read about my Dad and his battle with cancer.

Last Friday evening, we lost a great Patriot.  My Dad passed away peacefully with my Mom by his side.  My Mom had told us that next to my Dad’s love for his family,  was his love for his country, and everything our freedoms stand for.

I distinctly remember when I was a little girl that I idolized my Dad.  He has always been my hero, now and forever more.  The pedestal I put him upon was so incredibly high, because I respected him so very much.  He was always helpful, ever so caring, and hopelessly in love with my Mom.  They were the sweetest couple ever.

My Dad was a devoted husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, father-in-law, and son-in-law.  He never gave up on his battle with cancer, and in the end it was a complication with his liver that he did not have the strength to battle back from.  Words alone cannot properly express how extremely hard my Dad battled to keep going for the past two years.  It was an unbelievable journey for him.  Most of us would not have had the willpower or the perseverance to push forward to keep on living like he did.

In the end, my Dad was surrounded by my Mom, brother, sister, and my husband.  We were all able to say our heartfelt goodbye’s to him, including all of the grandchildren.  I will never forget the feeling walking  out  of the hospital, with my heart aching, holding my sister’s hand.  You are forever in our hearts Dad.

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