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Capturing “Madditude”

A few weeks ago I shared a story with you about my granddaughter, Madison, and her attitude.  Madison + Attitude = Madditude

Well since that post we have tried unsuccessfully to capture Madditude in a picture that would show you all what I am talking about.  My daughter, Naomi, was finally able to capture Madison in action with attitude this week.  I present to you all the very face of “Madditude”.    I just love her oh so serious smirk.  I imagine she’s thinking, “Does my Mom really need to take anymore pictures of me today?,  Such a bother.”

11070525_10205598705034216_6831658328526792376_n    10859493_10205593055732987_1491231179_n


Now imagine this face with hands on hips professing her knowledge of the world.  Oh and if there is finger pointing involved take cover or run in the opposite direction.  She is probably not a happy camper.

It just amazes me that at the ripe old age of 2-1/2 Madison is able to convey so many emotions and expressions.  My photography goal for the rest of this year is to try and capture as many Madison expressions as I possibly can.  The family calendar will be amazing for 2016!  Happy Sunday to everyone.  Enjoy your time with family.

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