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The Sweetest Gift

1-2013-01-025This little Miss gave her Papa (aka Travel Man) such a sweet gift today.

He is in Thailand, and tries to Skype with us whenever possible.  We got a Skype call this afternoon, and Miss Madison just happened to be here with me and she was also awake.

I brought her over to the computer with me and she focused right in on her Papa.  He was talking and cooing to her of course.  And then it happened.  She broke out into the biggest, sweetest,  most precious smile.  I know it  made his week, and helped just a smidge with the fact that he is so far from home.

We’ll see you next week Papa!  Happy Weekend everyone.

On becoming a Grandma, again.


Madison with her Nana.
December 2012

For any of you who follow my blog regularly you know that last November we welcomed our granddaughter into the family.  Such a sweet, little cutie pie.  It’s amazing to me that when the family tree expands, your heart just becomes filled beyond overflowing with happiness and joy.

It’s a multi-part thing; you are ecstatic to have a new member in the family, you are ecstatic to see your children become wonderful parents.  And nothing can compare to the joy on your own mother’s face when she becomes a great-grandma for the second time around, our resident, “Nana”.  Plus, in my family we are especially blessed because my grandmother shares in this joy long distance.  So,  we have a great-great grandma in the family.  We are able to Skype with her once in a while so she can say hi to all the grandkids, great grandkids, and the great-great’s too!!

5th Generation - July 2006

5 Generations from July 2006
My Mom, Grandma & myself
Standing is daughter, Naomi with Evan.

My Grandma sent me a little note over the holidays, she still likes to send “snail mail”, which I love.  She has seen many, many pictures of her new great-great granddaughter since her arrival, and this is what she wrote to me:

“What a unique child Madison is.  Her face is so “knowing”.  Her eyes are seeing and processing everything, if she can keep her busy little mind awake.  She is truly beautiful.  I’m so proud of her, and of Evan too.  Such wonderful kids- my great-great grandchildren!  I feel like I had a little part in that along the way.”

I think my Grandma’s words sum up the feeling that any of us who are grandparents have.  That in some small way, you had a tiny little something to do with that new life that just came into the world, and expanded your family tree.

Technology Can Still Amaze Me

Today is Friday, and presently I am texting with Travel Man via Skype while he is 30,000 ft in the air on his way to Denver.  I am still awed and amazed that we are able to have this type of communication.  I mean granted we just spent two days together, but to be able to continue our conversations while he is on the plane is fantastic.  I’m a lucky girl.

Travel Man will tell you he is grateful to have the communication avenues that we have today to stay in touch.  We like to use Skype for the video calling, and the occasional IM(instant messaging).  When he is out of the country we use Tiger Talk to text with each other due to the roaming restrictions on the phones.  For his international travel we have also used Skype’s phone calling feature to make international calls.  We just buy a set amount of Skype credits, and this way we stay away from any roaming charges on our personal cell phone plan.

Travel Man uses TripIt to keep track of every bit of his travel information for every trip.  It logs airline reservations, hotels, and car rentals, and it notifies me (aka the Domestic Goddess) when there is a new itinerary in place.  TripIt also has mobile apps for either the Android or iPhone to stay completely connected, and it syncs with Outlook.  TripIt helps me,  to help Travel Man make sure all of his plans are in order.  Especially when he has back-to-back trips.  For tracking the air travel I like to use an app for my iPhone called FlightAware.  This app tracks the flights and notifies you of any delays along the way.  I have used many flight trackers over the years, and this is my favorite to date.  The user friendliness of the app is what appeals to me, and the accuracy of the information.

Since I am fortunate to have Travel Man in my life to keep me informed on the latest and greatest technology, it’s easy for me to learn about new apps, or new technology available.  I’m glad we are both able to have lots of ways to communicate with one another.  It’s how we stay sane.  But you know nothing beats just an old-fashioned phone call to hear the voice of your loved one.   What’s your favorite form of communication in this technological era?

How we stay connected……….

As most of you know my husband, aka Travel Man, is away from home quite a bit for his job.  He is usually on a plane going somewhere, or traveling home.

Is it hard for us to stay connected and feel close to one another you may ask, why of course it is.  But we try not to dwell on that fact.  We are fortunate in this electronics age that we have many tools we can use to stay connected, communicate frequently, and try not to feel disconnected with the miles between us.

Our favorite form of travel communication is being able to Skype with each other.  Skype is a great way to have a video phone call with your family members near and far.  We have even had the opportunity to have a “group” Skype call, thanks to my brother.  We got on a group Skype call for my Mom’s birthday, and sang to her.  She was left speechless.  I love to Skype with my grandson, even though he lives close by just to be able to chat with him via video.  it’s always fun.  We also Skype with distant relatives, and it’s such a great way to stay in touch. 

Travel Man likes to be able to Skype every night or every other night depending on which time zone he is in.  It’s  always great to be able to see him on Skype, and for him to be able to get a glimpse of home while he’s on the road.  For myself, once I’m able to see him I can tell how he’s really doing on the road.  All of you wives out there know what I mean.  If he’s looking really tired, and telling you things are fine you know he’s having a rough work week.  If any of the kids are home they take the opportunity to say hi to their “Tom Dad”, and chat with him for a few minutes.  That always helps Travel Man keep the connection with the kids, more than the kids realize.  (Until they read this blog post of course.)

And of course we utilize email and text messages.  I can Skype from my iPhone.  Travel Man can Skype from his Vizio tablet.  We are fairly well-connected, but I always like hearing his voice up close and personal on the phone.  The good, old fashioned, phone conversations sometime can be fewer and further between than usual or than we would like them to be.  But it’s always the best way for us to try to catch up with each other at the end of the day.  And I do have to say that all of the various forms of communication are wonderful for both of us, but nothing beats going to the airport to pick up Travel Man.  Then of course we come home for a great meal of homemade spaghetti.

If you have a road warrior in your life what’s your favorite way to stay connected?

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