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We had a Lovely, Positively Pink Day

A few weeks ago, on a Saturday,  my daughter, Hilary and I hosted a baby shower for Hilary’s big sister, Naomi.  We were surrounded by family and friends, all of them ladies at this shin-dig, except for Evan and his cousin.  It was a wonderful, sunny Saturday, and the planning paid off tremendously.  Of course,  all of us Grandma’s, Grammie’s, and Nana’s in the crowd were especially excited.  For me there is nothing more heart-warming or meaningful than knowing that the family tree will soon be expanding.

We had lovely tissue paper flowers, a diaper cake, lots of pink tulle and ribbons, and even a crown for the guest of honor.

And we had the food!  Deli sandwiches, chips, dips, watermelon salad (more on this later), pink lemonade punch, and a beautiful coconut cake.

We passed around a journal for everyone to write their thoughts and good wishes to Naomi and her family.  It was a lot of fun, and will be a great keepsake for the new arrival.

Hilary headed up the game co-ordination, and I think we had the most fun with “The Purse Game”.  In our game,  we used a points system which made it a lot of fun to find out what treasures all of the ladies had in their purses.

One of the highlights of the day was Evan opening his “Diaper Dude Junior” tool belt.  I saw this idea on Pinterest, and had to make them for Evan and his Dad.  Both of the tool belts had a diaper, baby wipes, goggles, plastic gloves.  All set for diaper duty.  Evan was a great sport and thought this was a very fun gift.  I’m sure once his baby sister has arrived he will try to put his diaper tools to good use.

My daughter and her family received a plethora of wonderful, amazing gifts.  They will be ready for anything when the baby sister arrives.

This is all of the grandma’s that live in the area with the “mom-to-be”.  We are blessed to have so many family members close by.  The only thing that would have made this a positively more perfectly,  pink day is if my Sister and my Grandma could have joined us.

We had a wonderful afternoon together, and are counting the days/hours Until Evan’s baby sister arrives.  Travel Man and I are sponsoring a guess the baby date prize for the family.  It’s turning out to be a lot of fun. We’ll keep you all posted on the arrival.

What’s your most recent and favorite family moment?

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