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It was History in the Making.

My love of history and my passion for following the game of baseball all converged on one center point last night. It was one of the games that is every baseball fans dream to witness.  Last night Travel Man and I, along with our oldest son and his friend attended a baseball game at Angels stadium in Anaheim.  It was a great night for baseball.  The Angels are our home town team, and have been for over ten years now.  It was a Wednesday night game, so the crowd was not huge.  It was a crispy, chilly Southern California evening.  Travel Man and I had a great view of the field, on the first base side.  The boys were sitting  field level by the left field, foul pole.  We waved to the boys across the stadium crowd a few times, when  there was a great play.

Now remember, my description of the game and my experience will be completely different from anyone elses who was there.  (That’s why I like to blog)  We got to see a bit of history last night.  The Angels ace pitcher was on the mound, Jered Weaver.  He is in his 6th season with the Angels, and his 2012 record before the game started last night was 3-0. Weaver was dealing with his pitches.  By the end of the game he had  9 strikeouts (that’s k’s in baseball lingo).  He is a smooth operator on the mound.  I just love watching his command of the game.

This game was a hitting fest for the Angels.  15 hits, and 9 runs scored!  A great night for the team.  But an even better night for Jered Weaver.  At the  top of the 8th inning Weaver comes out to the mound, with a score of 9-0, the Angels are in the lead.  I’m thinking, oh cool he’s going to finish this game out.  He had around 98 pitches before this inning started.

He deals the batters once again, three up and three down.  This is the moment I realize that Weaver  has a no-hitter going.  The Angels stay at 9 runs for the bottom of the eighth and at the top of the ninth out charges Jered Weaver.  At this point I remember looking at the scoreboard and Weaver started the inning with 111 pitches.  For every pitch of the ninth inning the crowd was on its feet.  Cheering for each and every strike and out.  At the end of the game the Angels had won, and Weaver pitched his first career no-hitter.  It was the first no-hitter we all had the good fortune to witness at the stadium.  The energy of the crowd was insane.  It was the first solo no-hitter thrown by the Angels since June of 1975, that one was thrown by Nolan Ryan.

We will always remember being at this game, as we got to witness a part of the Angels history in the making.  Kind of like when you saw Neil Armstrong step foot on the moon, or remembering where you where on the morning of 9/11.  This was a completely awesome experience! Congratulations to Jered Weaver, and go Angels!



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