Be a Passenger in Your Life

Are you feeling rushed, hurried, out of control, disorganized?  As you hurry through your work week, family week, and taking care of your house week life can sometimes just fly by you.  And occasionally it seems like the weeks just go by faster and faster, with no direction in site.

So my challenge to you is slow down just a little bit.  Instead of always being in the driver’s seat  sit back for a bit be a passenger for a few minutes or hours, here or there.  Look at where there are little pockets of rushing and hurrying. What can you do just a little differently to make your week in all areas of your life just a little less hurried or hectic than the day before.

It could be something as simple as getting up 5 minutes earlier to start your day just a smidge sooner.  Getting up early enough for a cup of coffee or tea, and a little bit of reading before the household wakes up.  Or maybe you go to bed just 5 minutes earlier to get a little more sleep.

Maybe you are rushing around in the morning getting the kids ready for school. Could you have gotten their backpacks ready the night before?  Maybe had everyone pick out their clothes before they go to bed?  Any little pockets of time that you can gain add up by the end of your day.

I was rushing around a few days ago getting some errands done, and as I went back to my car to get in I reached for the passenger door instead of the driver’s door.  I wasn’t paying attention, just hurrying along thinking about something else.  It made me realize that it’s so easy to get ahead of yourself, and just rush, rush, rush all of the time.

I give each and every one of you permission to just stop, take a breath, and slow yourselves down.   Really take a close look at how you are going about your day, and make the most of your time within each day.  Sit back for just a few minutes and be a passenger, and learn to enjoy it.

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  1. megtraveling says:

    Excellent advice and tips! I think I can find a few minutes to do this…

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