Camp Grandma – Week Two

Week two of Camp Grandma encompassed a very busy Thursday.  We had lots and lot of fun painting, using tempura paints.    I have a roll of art paper that we use for this type of painting. It comes in so handy for painting or coloring.  We had paint brushes, a small painting roller, and some cut up sponges to paint with.  Evan learned how to mix primary colors, and what colors they made. 

Here’s Evan in action painting a blue elephant.  It was fun to watch him keep adding things to the painting; birds, clouds, trees.  He had a lot of fun making a mess outside.

These are the pictures Evan wanted you all to see of how messy his hands got with this project.  He kept going over to the hose to spray them off!

Here is the collection of the finished paintings.  He was a very busy camper on this day.

 These are the pictures of the circles Evan made from mixing the primary colors.  He got very excited when he mixed blue and red because this made my favorite color-purple of course. 

Mixing the primary colors.

On Friday of our second week, we had a special guest for the day, Uncle Bryan.  Uncle Bryan took Evan to see Madagascar 3, and then we had a great swim after Evan got back.  We also went for a Golden Spoon, frozen yogurt.  Yum, Yum.

Camp Grandma is keeping me busy on the days Evan is here with me.  He will keep on going like a little Energizer bunny, as long as I have plenty of activities for him to get involved in.  This week we’ll be trying some tie-dyeing, and hopefully some cookie baking.  I think Evan wants to go to the beach.  We’ll keep you all posted on our activities later this week.  Remember Wednesday is officially the first day of summer!

What’s your favorite summertime activity?


  1. Lynn Feichtner says:

    As Grandmas go………you rank at the top of the list! Your enthusiasm and creativity are to be commended!!!! Kudos!!!!

  2. Micha says:

    Sounds like you’re having fun! Don’t forget to do the Ivory Soap Explosion that I posted if you haven’t already! Evan will love it!

  3. Joan Weise says:

    Evan’s paintings are pretty good for a 6 year old. These artsy things are wonderful for him 🙂

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