Do you Have a Favorite Comfort Food?

My absolute favorite is Toasted Cheese sandwiches and soup.  For a long time when Travel Man left on a trip this would be our dinner on the day that he left.    I was just telling my Mom the other day if I am alone for dinner just give me a cheese sandwich every day of the week, and I am a happy camper. Comfort food.

Then for a while after that our first dinner after Travel Man hits the road would be chicken patty sandwiches and macaroni and cheese. Comfort food.

I also love to bake, and this always gives me some sort of warm and fuzzy comfort.  My favorite cookies to bake would be chocolate chip bars, or brownies.  Love those brownies. Comfort  food.

When I find myself really stressed out it’s all about having some chocolate, and sometimes a glass of red wine with it.  There’s nothing better than a Twix or Reese’s to soothe your stressed out soul.  Comfort  food.

Or how about when you get sick?  I must have a bowl of chicken noodle soup and some saltines to dunk in it.  It’s especially tasty if someone makes it for you.   It’s the only food that makes me feel better.  Comfort  food.

We all have moments in our lives that require our comfort foods to get us through to the next day.  If we took a poll of everyone’s comfort foods I’m sure we’d come up with quite a list.  Then I was thinking,  are comfort foods the same for men and women?  Being on the woman side of life I know my comfort food choices are tied to my emotions, but what about the guys?  Do the guys even recognize comfort foods?  And what about you what’s your favorite comfort food?


  1. megtraveling says:

    My mom used to take the extra pie dough, sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar, roll it up and bake it on a cookie sheet. After it cooled she gave it to me to eat along with a glass of milk. A tasty memory of comfort food!

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