Do You Have the Time?

IMG_0139 Digital, analog, or pocket watch- do you still strap on a watch when you start your day?  A few years ago my watch wearing fixation took hold.  I had not worn a watch consistently in quite a while, and then we went on a vacation to Disney World with all of our teenagers in tow.  While shopping for souvenirs there was a certain Mickey Mouse watch that I had my eye on.  And then my loving hubby bought that exact watch for me as a gift for our 5th anniversary, which we celebrated at Disney World with all of our teenagers in tow.  I wore that watch quite a bit when I first got it; to work, out to dinner, it was my everyday watch.

Then my life path took a turn, and my status went from corporate administrator to “Domestic Goddess”.  When that happened I ditched the daily watch wearing along with my 5am alarm clock.  I would only wear a watch when we were going out to dinner or definitely when we went on a trip somewhere.  Besides,  I carry a cell phone so it was easy to find out what time it was when I needed to.

Sometimes depending solely on your cell phone to find out the time of day can become a precarious situation.  Maybe it’s in the back pocket of your jeans and you are out in the garden with super muddy hands.  By the way do not try to take your cell phone out of your jeans pocket with muddy hands.  I have personal experience with this situation, and it did not end well.  Maybe you tossed it in the bottom of your purse and if your purse is a bottomless pit like mine, it could take you hours or even days to dig around the bottom and find it.  Using your cell phone to tell the time of day is not always the most convenient tool.

IMG_0140This past Christmas I asked for a new Timex watch with “Indiglo”, and Santa delivered.  I now realize that it is so convenient to strap on my watch, glance at my wrist and know what time it is.  I love wearing my watch, and leaving my cell phone alone for a while.  This seems like yet another friendly reminder to take a break from electronics world.

What’s your favorite way to tell time these days?


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