Evan’s Little “Vest”

My latest sewing project started out to be a shirt for Evan.  Just a casual shirt, kind of like a Hawaiian shirt.  This is one of my procrastination projects.  You know the variety, you start you stop, you start again.  Well this week I started this project again, and I’m in it to the finish.  I was somewhat motivated by a little voice asking me, “Grandma, when are you going to finish my vest?”.   And I really needed to get on my horse and get it done, because he is getting so tall!!

Of course, it was Evan asking me, and I have been telling him all along this will be a shirt.  But he has had a different vision.  He wants a vest.  So being the good grandma that I am I am altering my project to a vest.  He is quite insistent that he will wear this over t-shirts.  I think in the heat of the summer he will just wear it after swimming.  So in my sewing instructions I skipped over the sleeves and made him a vest.

Here’s a few pictures of my project during construction:

I finished Evan’s “vest” last Thursday night and gave it to him Friday morning before he left for school.   The doggie buttons were a little wonky to button on his own so he needed a little help.   “Grandma, you finished it!!”, Evan exclaims.  I say, “Just for you, Evan.”

After school he came home and took off his t-shirt and just wore his doggie vest.  It was so cute.  For me, one more procrastinated project off of my list, and a happy grandson to boot!!  Who could ask for anything more?  Next project is in the works, cloth napkins for my dining room table.  What’s the latest project you’ve procrastinated on?

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  1. grand-player says:

    That is the cutest thing! He looks quite pleased and proud. Good for you grandma

  2. megtraveling says:

    It turned out great! That makes all the work worth it… 🙂

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