Life according to Evan…..

Evan is our grandson, the only one so far, and he just turned six years old last week.

I had the awesome opportunity to spend an extraordinary amount of time with Evan over the summer and we had some great adventures together.  Swimming, collecting bugs(and scaring his mother with them), ice cream eating, gardening- I mean digging in the dirt!!, a few trips to the beach, a trip to the History Museum in L.A., and of course it was back to school for Evan way too soon in his eyes.

So one afternoon over the summer I gave Evan my camera to take pictures of whatever caught his eye.  There’s was no photographer’s assistant involved in any of these shots.

 I finally downloaded the pictures this week (really Grandma, really!), and just had to share them with you because they are so Evanesque (yes I’m coining my own phrase!).

First and foremost is Evan’s self-portrait.  Now one thing you need to understand here is Evan has been taking self-portrait’s with his Mom since Day 1 of his little life. He and his mother have amassed more self-portrait’s than anyone else in the family.  So this is Evan’s version of the self-portrait, which in my house would be called “extreme close up”.

 Next is a series of photos of Evan’s cat, “Stormy”.

Stormy was sleeping on the puzzle board, which was situated right next to the container of crayons.  So apparently Stormy moved this way or that and the result was crayons all over the floor.  And please notice the “extreme close up” of the cat!

Somehow Evan’s pictures of the crayons look so much more like the work of a great artist and so much less like a mess to clean up!

There’s a picture of our fridge a few of our beloved dog Clyde, with another “extreme close up”.

And finally he ended the day with a picture of the sunset from our back yard.

A pretty good shot I might add.  All in all quite a good representation of a day in the life of a 6 year old.

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  1. tom says:

    I live here, (sometimes) and yet your writing always opens my eyes to the wonderful things around me.

  2. Elaine says:

    These are great ~ he’s got a good eye!! My faves are of Stormy, the crayons, and Clyde’s collar 🙂

  3. theses are awesome!

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