Milestone Events and the Decades

My life has had a lot of major “milestones”, as I’m sure most of you have had too.  And for some kismet-ish reason most of them have been life changing, and have happened when my age was transitioning from one decade to the next.  Interesting huh.  So,  I thought since this is my birthday month I would share my milestones with you.

1991, I’m age 30- A working mom with three kids; ages almost 10, 4, and almost 3, and number four on the way.  Zachary Gene was born on July third of that year.  He was a big 10 lb. 10 oz. baby boy, and so mellow, Mr. Mellow.  Oh and in case I haven’t shared this with you previously, Zach’s name starts with a Z because he was the last child to grace our family. Ha!

Now move ahead to 2001- I’m now 40.  My marriage of almost 20 years came to an end, and then Zach was diagnosed with leukemia.  Both of these events happened within 60 days of each other.  I have shared with all of you before, the only way we got thru this was absolutely, positively one day at a time.  So incredibly thankfully for my great family.  For some odd reason I remember that my Mom gave me a Barbie themed birthday party this year.  Just her way of reminding me to smile and have fun.

Fast forward to 2011-  Last April I turned 50, can you believe half a century old.  Where in the world did the time go!  At the end of April I resigned from the company I was with for 5 years. My career in administration and bookkeeping that had kept me busy and stressed for the last 25 years needed a little rest.  The main thing about this change at age 50, is I had the choice to make the change.  I chose to resign, I chose (after much discussion with Travel Man) to become a Domestic Goddess, and I had to choice to choose.   My 50th birthday party was so amazing.  Surprised by my baby sister who flew in from Montana for the event.   Surprised by the entire family with my own bagpiper, a personal concert.  The most amazing musical experience I have ever encountered.

At this moment in time, I know that my next decade with be filled with adventures, happy times, sad times, and much, much more.  But,  more than ever I finally realize that I am completely in control of my destiny (or as I like to say “density”), and will continue to explore new avenues, and fun-filled times.

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  1. Kana Tyler says:

    My husband likes to tease that he is my “density”… Great minds! 😉

  2. Hi. Just found your blog from megtraveling’s recommendation. You are the same age as I am and have the same birth month! Enjoying looking around here so I’m following you. Beautiful blog. 🙂

    • Aww – Thanks Jennifer. So glad you found me, and are joining my little blogging neighboorhood. I’m looking forward to following your new life journey too!

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