One of the Happiest Places on Earth

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As you may or may not know my husband is a Travel Man/Road Warrior/Lives out of his Suitcase kind of guy.  He travels frequently for his job, and his mode of commuting is usually an airplane and a rental car. My job is to make sure Travel Man gets to the airport on time, and I am usually the one picking him up when he returns home.

Some months we’re driving back and forth to the airport so often it feels like we can do it with our eyes closed.  I do have to admit that I have learned to time my drive to the airport to pick Travel Man up to perfection.  I’m always tracking his travel home on an app for the iPhone called FlightAware.  Once the flight tracker shows his flight at 23 minutes until arrival I head for the airport.  I have yet to get my pick up timed to the point where as I drive up the road to make that left turn into the airport, Travel Man’s plane is flying over my head to land.  That time will come soon enough.

Since Travel Man is on the road so much when he lands at the airport home from work, I want my face to be the first one he recognizes when he is riding down the escalator to baggage claim.  So, I always park the car and I always walk in to meet my hard-working husband.

Usually while I’m in waiting mode between the escalator and baggage claim there are many, many happy moments to be noticed. This is one of those places where the happiness is happening for a multitude of reasons.  The grandparents meeting their grand-baby for the first time.  The military dad coming home for the holidays greeted by his 4-year-old daughter. (This one was a tear-jerker.)  The crowd actually parted to make a path for this sweet little girl to run up and meet her Dad.  The missionaries greeted by their families and friends after two years away in Chili.  Two big groups of family and friends.  That was an amazing sight.  The dad and his kids greeting mom after a trip away for whatever the reason.  Smiles all around.  The college kids coming home for the holidays or for summer break.   Dad coming home from a business trip greeted by his young sons, and his wife.  The sons just leapt into his arms for a big hug.

Hugs are all around, and the happiness is infectious. You cannot help but smile, and feel just a little bit cheerier when there is all of this happiness going on around you.  I’m  getting a little carried away with my happy words, but it’s the best way to describe the situation to you.

1-IMG_0112Then the happiness turns to me, and it’s my turn. There’s my Travel Man riding down the escalator.   When we see each other for the first time we give a little wave, maybe I blow him a kiss, and then it’s our turn to hug.  The airport baggage claim.  One of the happiest places on earth, in my opinion of course.

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