Spaghetti Etiquette & A Question…

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Travel Man and I have this ongoing discussion each and every time that I make spaghetti for dinner.  Homemade spaghetti is his favorite “first night” home dinner when he comes back from a trip.

The all important question is this- when you sit down at your dining table to enjoy your spaghetti do you cut your noodles, or do you just twirl your noodles onto your fork?

Growing up I was always used to sitting down with my family to a wonderfully prepared spaghetti dinner, and watching and listening to my Dad chop his spaghetti into bite size morsels.  It became almost ceremonial as we got a little older.  My Dads chopping would get a little loud and we somehow started calling the chopping “gaping”.  We would chime, “gape, gape, gape” as my dad cut up his spaghetti to eat it.  What a funny little family tradition.

Travel Man’s opinion of this is that it’s a waste of time to cut your spaghetti.  He’s a twirler.  I repeatedly try to give him a knife with his spaghetti dinner, and he always refuses.

So here’s my curiosity- do you have a spaghetti preference? Is there a story behind your spaghetti preference?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.


  1. Janis says:

    I’m a (not very talented) twirler. I have fond memories of my father, who was a much better twirler… perhaps approaching professional status, using a fork and a large spoon. He’d pick up a bunch of noodles on his fork, then hold the tines in the bowl of the spoon and twirl away. What a master! I don’t use a spoon when I twirl, but I still make his “famous” spaghetti and clam sauce recipe.

  2. My husband and I are both twirlers. And slurpers when an errant noodle refuses to be twirled.

    Fun topic! Your post made me smile imagining your dad chopping and you kids being enthralled. 😀

  3. Grandma Kc says:

    I am a twirler and I have a vivid memory of being about 10 and going to a Girl Scout luncheon at some one’s home and the lady served us spaghetti. When I began to twirl mine she politely asked me not to as it would scratch her good silver!

    • What a wonderful memory. It always amazes me how a silly little thing like spaghetti can evoke such memories of times gone by. Glad you stopped by for a visit today.

  4. I’m definitely a twirler. Messy or not, it’s the way I enjoy it.

    Funny, you reminded me of my dad, who loved Mom’s spaghetti when he returned from business trips!

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