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Reader Appreciation Award


Meg over at Meg Travels has graciously nominated me for this lovely award.  Her blog is a travellers paradise.  It’s fun to read about her adventures and get lost in the pictures.  Get your cup of coffee and check out what Meg’s been up to lately.

The rules for this award:

Link the award back to the one who presented it to you.

List six nominations.

My blog nominations for this award are  (drum roll please……….)

Marie Wetmore– Life and career coaching

Shutterbug Sage– Such a great photography collection

thethingabout joan– Great stories of Momhood and life in general.

Pleasant Valley Sunday– Diane has a descriptive way with words that pull you right into her stories.

Creative Noshing– A plethora of wonderful recipes. 

The Suburban Cook-Wonderful recipes mingled with life’s happenings.


Thanks again Meg for the nomination.  It’s a treat to be recognized, and be able to recognize your fellow bloggers too.  Happy Monday everyone!  Hope everyone’s geared up for a great week.



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