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Take Just One Day and Unplug

ID-10011760Last month and in the month of December I tried a little experiment on a few random Sundays.  I did not use the computer or do any surfing on my other electronic devices at all.  I did use my iPhone for phone calls only (I have to talk to my peeps).  My unofficial conclusion to this experiment is that this is a nice way to start a new week.  You see since I am a Domestic Goddess now, I am discovering that I need to unplug from the internet-sphere one day a week.  This is especially true if Travel Man is away on a job assignment.   It seems that I can become entirely too dependent on the interaction with my “social” media.  The second Sunday of  unplugging myself, Travel Man was home with me to experience my “unplugged status”.  He was reading something on Facebook or an online news story and he said, “Did you see???”. And then he remembered, “Oh that’s right you’re off of the computers, etc. today”.

For myself,  I find that it is far too easy to spend far too much time browsing and perusing the internet for information.  And it’s most likely information that I may or may not need, and may or may not use in my everyday world.  I just felt like I was becoming too dependent on the Google factor, and not spending enough time on my other interests. It also made me realize I need to just pick up the phone and call and have a conversation more frequently than I have been.

Now I did make phone calls to a couple of my kids, you know a Momster check-in.  How’s life? Are you taking care of yourself?  Are your finances doing ok?  Will I be seeing you anytime soon?   Just a few minor questions that every Momster must ask to get the conversation ball rolling.

On that particular Sunday when Travel Man was home he and I got to watch some football together and had a chance to visit with my brother.  All in all a nice relaxing Sunday. With Travel Man’s schedule, this type of weekend day doesn’t roll around too often.  Staying unplugged when Travel Man is home on a Sunday is essential to my sanity.

So I ask each of you, do you unplug yourselves from the computer, smart phone, gadget world at any point during the week?  If you haven’t tried this I highly recommend it. Your brain will feel so much less cluttered, particularly at the end of the day when you need to be falling asleep.  Free your minds.

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A Near Electronics Mishap

Last week I was in my kitchen working on chopping up some apples from our own tree, for an apple crisp.  Many recipes that I use in the kitchen these days reside on my iPad.  I use a program called Evernote to store a lot of my family favorite recipes, and also favorites that I have found on the internet.

I was diligently working, talking to the kids, and as I moved the cutting board I knocked over a glass of water, and it splattered my iPhone and iPad.  My twenty-somethings jumped out of their seats, and got my iPad out-of-the-way.  I grabbed my iPhone, and I was ever so thankful that I had the Otterbox cover on it.    The twenty-somethings quickly grabbed some towels while I was tending to my iPhone, and we got everything dried up.  Oh, and I also had my favorite Pioneer Woman cookbook sitting on the counter.  This was a big glass of ice water.

Without the Otterbox cover on my iPhone it would have been toasted.  I got the Otterbox for my iPhone because I’m always carrying it with me outside, especially when Travel Man’s on the road.  And since I garden a little everyday it becomes a necessity when I am working outside.  My Otterbox has saved my phone a few times now.  Totally worth the investment.

There was a little skosch of water underneath the screen saver on the iPhone, and I had to remember how to get the darn Otterbox off of my phone.  I could not remember which tabs to push or pull, so my daughter when on the internet and googled it for me.  She tried to find a you tube video for me, but Travel Man knew how to take it off and saved the day.

Normally I don’t have a glass of anything liquid anywhere near my electronics.  But I must have been extra thirsty on this cooking day, because I wasn’t really paying attention to where my glass of water was.  I was focused on apple crisp (Which is a great recipe for another day).  With so many electronics in the house it’s a wonder we have not had more mishaps similar to this one.  Fortunately for me,  this one turned out A-ok.

Have you had any electronics mishaps recently?

How do you Charge your Electronics?

What’s the best way to take control of all of the electronics being charged in your house?

I’m a fairly organized person.  I prefer to have things in order, and put away as much as possible.  But here is my current dilemma, there are chargers everywhere in our house.  I have tried and tried to corral the cords, but they always end up back in their own little corners.  Near a chair here, or a table there.  For our house, The Party House that is, we have a never-ending stream of cords, especially in the living room.

Chargers for phones, chargers for netbooks, chargers for headphones (this a travel man thing), chargers for kindles, chargers for camera batteries.  Yes,  we do have a lot of electronic devices.  Remember,  I live with Travel Man, and he’s a “road warrior”, so he has a lot of gadgets.  I had been asking him what we can do to get the cords under control.  So our first solution has been to try  this:

A big charging station in my office, which is closest to the living room by the way.  This has definitely helped the situation.  But, when Travel Man comes home from a trip the chargers and cords multiply by leaps and bounds!  We have quite a few phones in the family that all use a similar charger.  I thought with my charging station some of the straggling chargers in the house would disappear and everyone could just use my office charging station.  The chargers around the house have diminished slightly, but not as much as I had hoped.

Oh,  and how many of you use your cell phone for an alarm clock too?  So that means you have to be able to charge your phone next to your bed.  Another cord!  See what I mean.  It’s getting almost to the level of the Tupperware dilemma.  You know how you have that one piece of Tupperware that you can’t find the lid for, or you have a lot of lids and no bowl.  It’s like they duplicate themselves when you are not looking!

If you have any suggestions for taking control of the “charging” dilemma please leave me a comment and let me know how you’re handling this situation.  Maybe it’s not a dilemma for you, I’d love to hear from you.


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