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The Game Room’s Been Quiet

It’s a quiet Saturday here at The Party House.  Quiet meaning the twenty-somethings are all out at their various activities.  Travel Man is “on the road”.  It’s fine though I have the stereo blaring with some good tunes, and I’m writing this post.  Earlier today I was in our Game Room (this is where the twenty-somethings normally hang out with their friends) doing some cleaning.  I realized, this room’s been quiet for a few weeks.  It funny since the college kids have finished classes, and are into their summer jobs we haven’t had as much activity in the evenings here as we normally do. 

And then I realized, as I was cleaning, that the Game Room is becoming a dumping ground for “stuff”.  The available floor space in the room seemed to be shrinking at an alarming rate.   You know the kinds of things I’m talking about.  It’s those things that maybe belong in the garage or out in your garden shed.  The things that make an interim stop on some “flat surface” (that one’s for you Hilary), and dont’ quite make it to their destination.  I am the first to admit I’m guilty of parking some things in this room too.  Camp Grandma supplies that did not get put away.  Pool supplies that haven’t made it outside yet. And a Rock Band set that is collecting dust on the ottoman that needs to be put away.  Anyone, anyone?

You know,  if you have a big family and everyone leaves just one thing lying around it can add up to a mess quick style.  We have tall sons with big feet.  So just two pairs of shoes not put away can almost create a traffic jam.  And then there’s our (mine and daughter Hilary’s) running joke with Travel Man about the flat surfaces.  If there’s a flat surface in the house with empty space it gets filled quickly.  And not to pick on Travel Man, because we are all guilty of leaving “stuff” on the flat surfaces in the house. 

After working my Domestic Goddess magic, the Game Room is back in order and ready to go.  Everything is parked back in its’ respective place.  And the “flat surfaces” are cleared and ready for the next round of “stuff”.

Is the “stuff” in your house driving you nuts?


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