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Zucchini Bandit

My 2012 garden is coming along nicely, except for my poor little zucchini plants that I started from seeds.  I had two little baby zucchini plants, got them in the ground, and then a couple of days later I went out in the morning to water the garden, and BOOM, there was a plant pulled up out of the ground.  I’m thinking this was either the work of a lizard or a fatty black crow.

I put the poor little thing back in the ground, as I will not be defeated by a lizard or a crow.  Then I gave it a nice drink of water, and the next morning it perked back up and was staying green.  That evening I go back out to water all my little seedlings, and my poor little zucchini had been munched to pieces.  Here’s how it looked.

Then a few days later the same thing happened to the other baby zucchini.  and I put it back in the ground, watered it hoping it will spring back to life.  I will not be defeated.

As of this writing I have given in to the zucchini bandits, and will be heading to Home Depot to buy two new plants.  The pesky varmints got a hold of the zucchini’s and they were never to be seen again.  Poor little zucchini plants. They were my little babies. I started them from seeds.  

But the garden must go on and I want to have a nice crop of zucchini.  Grilled zucchini, zucchini bread, zucchini muffins, zucchini in stir fry.  The possibilities are endless.

This is just a small sneak peek of my garden adventures.  I have been spending a lot of time tending the garden while Travel Man’s away.  Lots of plantings and things going on out back.  He hasn’t seen the whole garden yet, so I’m not posting too many pictures of it until after he is home next week.  There has to be some surprises!

So for all of you who are gardening this summer, how does your garden grow so far?

Adopt a Plant at Lowe’s

There are so many hobbies for me to be involved with right now that some days it’s hard to choose what I should plan for the day.  Except for Thursday and Fridays of course, because those are my “Camp Grandma” days right now.  More on that later.    I love to garden, and plant flowers, and I especially love container gardening. In order to keep my budget in check I really have to pay attention to what I am spending on plants and flowers. 

So to help with my budgeting I like to frequent the 50% off plant racks at my local Lowe’s.  They usually have one rack with indoor plants, and one outside with the outdoor varieties.  And the plants are almost always 50% off or more.  I find that whenever I go to Lowe’s to get something for the house I must check the 50% off racks in case there is some poor plant that needs to be nursed back to greenery health.  I adopt them and bring them home with me to take care of them.  This is my “Adopt a Plant” program.  Coined by myself, and I get great support from Travel Man on this project.  That’s probably because I’m not adopting cats or dogs.  My plant program is a simple one.  Just check those 50% racks and see if there is a plant crying out for your help.  Then of course you have to buy it (or as I like to say “adopt it”), and bring it home with you.

This is my find from my shopping trip yesterday.  Two beautiful mother-in-law tongue plants, in the pots, and ready to come home with me.  Originally twenty dollars for both of them and I paid ten.  That price fits my budget.

On your next stop to your favorite home improvement store check out the nursery, see if they have any plants on clearance, and see if there’s anything you want to bring home with you.  I’m keeping an eye on the outdoor rack at Lowe’s for hedges and such to add to my front yard landscaping.  Happy adopting everyone, and I hope you’re having a great week.

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