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Our House got a “Reboot”

This past weekend Travel Man and I decided it would be a good time to knock some items off of our “Things to get done Around the House” list.  I don’t really call this list our “Honey-Do” list, because a lot of times we work on the list together.  Especially if it is something I don’t really know how to do, or want to learn to do.

On this particular Saturday,  Travel Man was putting up a ceiling medallion in our bedroom around the ceiling fan.  This required the power to the electric circuit in our bedroom to be turned off.  The circuits in our house are just a bit quirky, and on the electrical panel some of our circuits were labeled and some were not.  This issue of course has now been corrected.

We formed a little family assembly line so that when the power to our bedroom was off, I yelled to our daughter whether or not the power was cut,  and she relayed the message to Travel Man outside.   A little back note here; our ceiling fan can run with or without the light on.  I did not have the light turned on when we started this relay process.  Travel Man had gone through almost all of the circuits or more before we,  or should I say,  I realized that it would be easier if I had the light turned on to tell when the power was cut.  We went through the entire electrical panel, and back to the very first circuit before the power was cut.  Ooopsy doodle, I should have turned the light on much, much sooner.  It would have saved my guy the trouble of flipping all of the switches in the entire panel.

After we were all done just getting the power shut off, the ceiling medallion was in place and the power was back on, I said, “Hey, we actually re-booted the house today!”  I’m pretty sure Travel Man laughed at that one, and told me I should write a blog post about our adventure.  So I did.

Many times,  the time that Travel Man and I spend around the house together is limited.  Sometimes we choose to  focus on the house , and make the most of that time and get a few needed repairs done.  Other times we don’t worry about the fixes around the house and we just focus on us spending some time together.  That’s when we usually go to Disneyland to do some serious people watching.

How’s your “Things to get done around the House” list going?  What’s the last thing in your house that got repaired or updated?

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