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Christmas Crafts 2012- The Year of the Crochet Hook

3-IMG_0101My crafting,  crocheting fest this year continued with another great pattern I found, but this time on the Lion Brand Yarn website.

My Mom told me about this website, and they have tons and tons and tons of free patterns for both crocheting and knitting.  And the patterns are for all skill levels.

The pattern that I used for quite a few homemade gifts was called Family of Beanies.  It allows you to make many sizes from one easy  pattern.  The yarn that I used for this beanie pattern was a soft, thick yarn, Hometown USA.  A great, soft yarn.

I made beanies for the Montana family, beanies for my son and his girlfriend, beanies for my son-in-law and grandson. beanies, beanies, beanies


Then Travel Man said, “Where’s my beanie?  You know sometimes my travel takes me to the cold weather.”  So I’m off to the store tomorrow to get some gray yarn.  Travel Man’s favorite color.  I guess you know what I’ll be doing for New Year’s.

Evans beanie turned out so cute I made him a scarf to go with it.

Photo credit to Elaine Zee.

Photo credit to Elaine Zee.

Such a ham for the camera. He’s was pretending he was cold and freezing, totally set up this pose himself.  His ensemble was blue and orange for the Chicago Bears, of course .

Then the football rivals in the house got scarves in the Green Bay Packers colors.  This was some great yarn, variegated with the team colors.  No switching colors required.  The surprise here was my daughter had no idea I had been working on this gift.  You see I did most of the work in the car while Travel Man was driving us around doing our errands.


All in all I got everything finished that I set out to make before Christmas Day arrived.  It’s always fun finding projects to work on that will be given as gifts.  And I’m discovering it’s great to find a pattern that is universal that can be given as a gift to the girls or the boys.  Maybe next year I’ll make everyone some socks or mittens.  Stay tuned for Christmas Crafts 2013.

How can it be December 3rd already?

Hello dear friends and fellow bloggers.  It’s been awhile since my last post, and I felt the need to just say hi, and get back into a good writing groove.  My writing was definitely sidetracked in the month of November.  I have a few stories to catch up on with you all.

Did you have as wonderful a Thanksgiving as my family did?  We were fortunate to have my sister here from Montana for Thanksgiving dinner.  That does not happen very often, so we were especially happy to have her smiling face as the table.  My Mom was beside herself with emotion that day.

MadisonWe also celebrated the birth day of our second grandchild, a baby girl.  This is Evan’s baby sister, Miss Madison.  Welcome to your Grandma’s blog, Madison.  It was a special day, I’ll give you all of the details in another story.

And the past few weeks have been a rare treat for Travel Man and myself.  He has been  working from his home office for a few weeks, and it looks like we’ll have him home through Christmas.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed please!

Now could someone, anyone explain to me how it got to be December 3rd already?  My son will be celebrating his birthday this weekend.  How did that date come up so fast?  It’s the age-old adage, “Time just flies when you are having fun!”.  Or in Renee’s terms,  when you’ve been so busy the past few weeks that you finally look at the calendar and it’s time to turn the page to December.

So if your busy getting ready for Christmas, or baking, or making your list and checking it twice make sure you stop and have a latte, or maybe a nap.  Happy Monday to you all.

*Photo credits to Hilary and Zachary Juedes.

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