The Big Brother has Arrived

1-IMG_0048-001My grandson has a new hat to wear in his young little life.  He is now a Big Brother.  He has taken to the role quite admirably, and is learning how to entertain his baby sister and make her giggle, and laugh out loud.  Since I shared pictures of Miss Madison last week I felt it was only fitting to share the pictures I have gathered of the Big Brother and his Baby Sis.

The most delightful thing to watch is when Evan walks in the room, and Madison spots him.  Her face lights up with love and delight for her Big Brother.  And then she watches every move he is making,  just wishing she could be chasing him around the room.

It goes without saying that these two will indeed experience all of the usual brother-sister loves and hates.  But in their first year together, it has been amazing to witness the instantaneous, loving and adoring relationship that is developing.

1-It's Party Day

The center picture in the top row of this collage is the first time that Evan got to hold his baby sister.  Doesn’t he look so proud?  I just love that picture.  The rest of the pictures are simple moments that my daughter and I have captured since Miss Madison arrived last November.  I think Evan’s taken to his new hat quite well, and will be a great Big Brother!!

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