The Dad’s in our Family.

Today is Father’s  Day, a day we pay homage to the Dad’s in our lives.  Our family has some amazing Dad’s, and I just wanted to let you know how special each of them are.

My grandpa, Harry, lives in Illinois with my beloved Grandma.  They will be celebrating 49 years of wedded bliss later this week.  My fondest memories with my Grandpa growing up in Illinois are the times when I got to dance with him while standing on his toes. And his never-ending teasing of my dislike for mayo.   He is a devoted, loving, kind family man.  The kind of man you want your sons to be like.   It can be hard to be so far away from them some times, but we try to visit as often as we can.


My Dad, Jim, is my hero.  I remember growing up I felt like my Dad was almost untouchable, because I had the utmost respect for him.  Of course I still have that sense of respect for my Dad, but it’s matured.  He’s such a smart man, and his love for his family knows no bounds.  In good times and bad I have always, always known that I can call my Dad anytime for advice or support.  And now he is a Warrior, battling lung cancer, and showing all of us that you should never, never, never give up. 

My brother, also a Jim, is a rock solid, smart, funny, loving man.  He’s our family Uncle, Unc, and in the kids younger years they called him Oinkle.  Such a funny nickname.  He’s so much like my Dad.  He has always been, and still is the calm in the storm.  I have relied on my brother more times than I can count when I needed some advice or something fixed around the house.  When Zach was so sick with leukemia my brothers loving support carried me through the tough times.  He and my Dad have been the greatest role models to my sons.  I don’t know if they realize how much the boys look up to them.

Then,  I have to tell you about Tom, aka Travel Man.  Almost 10 years ago when Tom and I got married this man walked into an entirely new world.  Marrying a single mom with four kids and one of his own.  What was he thinking.  I used to ask myself that.  He must be crazy!  He was crazy, crazy in love with me.  We knew at that time what we were getting ourselves into.  Tom’s goal when we first got married was to have fun.  Show the kids they could have fun with him.  We took little weekend trips a lot, and the boys had their own guy trips with Tom.  We were able to take a few vacations together to Disney World, Chicago, Monterey, and made some great memories.  The kids know now they can depend on Tom for anything.  In the early years they would question his methods, and craziness a lot.  But Tom stayed strong, has gone the distance, and has forged his relationship with each one of the kids.  I am forever grateful for this man in my life.  My Rock of Gibraltar, my calm in the storm, and my soul mate.

Our family Dad team would not be complete without my son-in-law, Brad.  Brad is steadfastly devoted to our daughter Naomi, and such a great Dad to Evan.  Brad and Naomi have a crazy work/ life schedule, but they make it work.  Brad’s work schedule doesn’t always allow him to get to the Party House for every event.  But he always make a point to get here after work, and say hi to everyone.  When he walks in the house on a Party Day we all yell, “Brad!” in unison.  We’re so crazy.

On this Dad’s day my brother will not be with us as he had to be out-of-town for work.  So we’re sending him long distance hugs today.  As we celebrate this Fathers Day, remember all the wonderful, meaningful things the Dads in our lives have done for us.  Take a minute to reflect on the warm and loving memories, and hold them near and dear to your heart.  My cup runneth over  with thankfulness for the Dads in our family.  Each of them special and unique in their own wonderful way.

Photo credits for this post go to Elaine, Naomi, and my Mom.



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  1. Joan Weise says:

    A very awesome and touching post, Renee! You are so right! Much love to all our Dads.

  2. megtraveling says:

    A wonderful tribute and a sweet post, Renee! Enjoy this day 🙂

  3. Jim says:

    Thanks Renee! Photo credit also to Dan for my pic. 🙂

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