We are Now Entering the Camp Grandma 2 Zone

1-IMG_0003One of my newly acquired responsibilities this year is taking care of my beautiful, sweet granddaughter on Thursday’s and Friday’s each week.  Oh, and I also make sure that the grandson gets to and from school safely on those days.

Last Thursday and Friday was the first week of “Camp Grandma 2”.  Our camp name,  of course was coined by Evan.  I asked him if we should call it “Baby Camp Grandma” when his sister is here, and he was quick to point out that he comes along too, and he is NOT a baby.  Then he suggested we call our camp, “Camp Grandma 2” for himself and Madison.  “Two kids equals the number two Grandma”, from the smarty pants patrol.  It made sense to me, so I went with it.

So, Camp Grandma 2 got off to a pretty flawless start.  Although I have to admit it has been awhile since I have taken care of a baby all day long.  I remember those days well, one in diapers, one telling me how to change the diapers (My girls are 5 years apart.). What great memories!  The funniest thing was how contagious those little baby naps can be.  The kind where you finish a feeding, burp the baby, and then she snuggles with you and you both fall asleep.  Now, I am not normally a napper, but last week I found it quite easy to take a few quick snoozes with a certain little Miss.

The Little Miss has such a good disposition, as long as she’s not hungry or wet.  If either of those two items are not aligned correctly she will let you know very quickly.  And Evan is also quick to translate her crying modes.  She’s hungry, or she’s tired.  He’s very good at deciphering the different cries.  In the picture above Evan was anxious to feed his sister, and he is very patient with it.  Once she was done with her bottle I said, “Ok, now it’s time to burp her.”  Evan started to ask me to help him do that and then he said, “No, it’s ok Grandma.  You can burp her.”  And that was that.

We had a good couple of days together, and I am glad to be able to help my daughter and her husband.  It will be fun sharing a few Camp Grandma 2 stories with all of you, and giving you a little glimpse of my Grandma world.


  1. Joan Weise says:

    I’m so glad you are able to do this 🙂

  2. Lynn Feichtner says:

    Love it!!! But, must admit I’m glad its you and not me! God certainly knew what he was doing when he gave the babies to the young and able-bodied…..just don’t have the “ooomph” to go the distance anymore! Tell Evan Camp Grandma 2 is a perfect name…..also, I’m really impressed with his baby-sitting skills. Well done, Evan…..you’ll make a wonderful daddy someday!!! :o)

  3. Barb says:

    Camp Grandma 2 sounds like fun! How old is your new granddaughter? My newest grandson just turned 5 months. We’re babysitting for him tomorrow. I am always happy but tired after a baby day!

    • Thanks for stopping by for a visit Barb. Our sweet granddaughter will be 3 months old this weekend as a matter of fact. We do have fun times especially over the summer when I am able to plan some fun adventures with my grandson. Happy babysitting!

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