What an Amazing Dinner

My daughters and I traveled to Las Vegas last weekend for a “girls only” weekend.  I don’t think we have done a trip like this in a very, very long time.  We were slated to see Celine Dion in concert (this was a Christmas present from my kids), and Celine got sick – so the show was cancelled.  This was a bummer, but we had reservations for dinner Saturday night at Samba Steakhouse, in the Mirage.  This is a Brazilian barbecue cuisine, and it was fabulous.  If you have never experienced this type of barbecue you are in for a treat.

The dinner consisted of a great salad, side dishes that included; creamed spinach, steamed carrots, black beans and rice, plantains, and some yummy breads, grilled veggies, and garlic bread.  The meat entrees included; sausage and peppers, turkey breast wrapped in bacon, flank steak, sirloin steak, garlic chicken legs, juju chicken, lamb, and a roast pork.  That was 8 different types of meat in all.

We started the dinner with some delicious bread, crackers, garlic oil, and pico de gallo.  Then the salad was served.  After that the side dishes arrived, and then they started serving the meat.  The waiter brings the meat to your table on a long skewer with a serving plate underneath the skewer.  The the meat is sliced off of the skewer right in front of you, and then you grab your tongs, and put the meat on your plate, and enjoy.  We designated Hilary as our server! (Thanks Hil)  There is a little cylinder of wood on your table that is green on one end and red on the other.  If you want them to slow down the serving you leave the red side up, if you are ready for more food you turn the cylinder with the green side up. They keep bringing the meats to your table until you have tried everything.  The grilled veggies and garlic rolls were also served from the skewer.  We asked the waiter how they keep track of which table has had what kind of meat.  They have a sheet right at the grilling counter where they keep track of each table.  After trying absolutely everything, and  if you have room to eat anymore they will continue bringing back whatever meat you request.

We tried everything.  I can’t ever remember a meal where we had so many different things!  Then of course the girls and I got adventurous and decided we should have desert.  And they were serving creme brulee, so how could we refuse.  It was so beautifully presented, and scrumptious, and wonderful.  A great way to finish off our meal.  Of course by the end of the dessert we were stuffed to the max, and had to go walk around.

We enjoyed the fountains at the Bellagio, took some pictures and then headed back to hotel.  A great weekend, lots of laughs, and hopefully we will get to see Celine in June.  Thanks to my girls for a great time!

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