When travel man comes home…..

My husband Tom is a field service technician by trade, but he is also a professional traveler, for well over 25 years now.  No one travels like Tom does,   just ask any of our kids, or my mom.  They have all had the pleasure of traveling with Tom for vacations.  He makes such an adventure out of it, you are always guaranteed a good time.  And of course Tom’s favorite travel trips are the ones he gets to spend with family.

Tom has two types of trips; either planned well in advance of his travel or you have to leave tomorrow morning travel.  Oh and are you staying on US soil, or is it overseas??  I will share Tom’s airport and travel tips with you in a later post.  They’re very interesting.

This story is about what goes on at home the day Tom is due to arrive.  He doesn’t even know all of this!!

The day always starts with an anticipated excitement.  Particularly when he is returning from an overseas trip.  There’s almost an electricity in the air.  The kids are all asking what time Tom arrives, am I picking him up, etc.

Then it’s on to my preparations:

Did I put clean sheets on our bed?  Nothing’s better than a good night’s sleep on clean sheets.

Do we have Tom’s favorite snacks in the fridge?  This would include mild cheddar, ritz crackers, milk, green olives, and sometime peanut butter.

Do I have all of the ingredients to make his favorite “I’m so glad to be home” dinner?   His favorite first meal at home is homemade spaghetti.

Did he get any new magazines in the mail this week?    He’s a voracious reader, and is always, always reading.

Since my present employment status is Domestic Goddess it is much easier and a lot more fun for me make sure my checklist above is in order.

Oh and I forgot to mention that in the background I am anxiously tracking his flight to see if he will be on time.

Once I have everything in place at home, and am on my way to pick him up my thoughts are all about that first hug.  There’s nothing more comforting than the first hug when your Road Warrior is back home.

Having a traveling husband is definitely a little different than the norm, but this is our norm, and the way our life path works right now.   Giving you all a small glimpse into our world.


  1. Joan Weise says:

    Great post my dear! I love reading your writing….you are talented…love you…

  2. Don’t forget, if Tom-dad is coming home on a Friday, make sure your house maid got the cleaning done before his arrival. 🙂

  3. Thomas Spindle says:

    Coming home to family is always the best trip of all!

  4. Sonja says:

    Green olives….hmmmm…I am curing my first batch, brine only curing. If it turns out I will definitely need to come visit and bring a sample.

  5. […] Travel Man’s been working close to home quite a bit recently, and it’s been quite the shift in our daily household routine.  He has been driving back and forth to work each day for a few months now.  That may seem elementary to some of you, but for my Travel Man it’s a whole new way of working.  This means commuting on the Southern California maze of freeways, navigating around town, and dealing with the exhausting traffic.  Plus this is not his “usual”  or his favorite mode of transportation to work.  The “usual” mode meaning a drive to the airport, and jetting off to his work destination.  In case you haven’t read about my Travel Man before, he’s what I lovingly refer to as a Road Warrior.  He travels quite extensively for his job, and prior to the past few months is normally “on the road” Monday through Friday each week.  You can read more about our crazy lifestyle here. […]

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