When travel man’s away…..the house can go astray…..

I hesitate (slightly) posting this blog while my travel man’s away right now.  But the circumstances just seem like they need to be shared.  It’s like Murphy Law taking over the house.  Travel man is gone for a few days, and stuff happens.  When you live with a “Road Warrior” you quickly learn the important things to tell him about while he’s gone, so you can keep the conversation in a “positive” tone almost all of the time.

Over the weekend my family had an amazing pizza party to celebrate birthdays’ for our nephew and daughter.  We had a great time assembling pizzas and used the KettleGrill to cook them outside, via the “wood fired” grill.   About half way through the cooking (my brother was the chef for this soiree) an edge piece of the pizza stone cracked and broke off.  Then a couple of pizzas later the entire stone cracked in half. Yikes!!  That is ugly!

So, my dilemma is should I rush to order one before travel man gets home next weekend, or wait for him to do some research, and get some really awesome, uber pizza stone.  I’m still having a debate with myself on this one.  (This is what I will call house repair #1)

Then after dinner my son headed out to the “beach” next to our pool to start a fire in the pit.  We need a little back story here to explain what happened next.  Now, over the course of this summer our fire pit got lots and lots of use and the bowl sitting inside started to crack.   So the guys decided just to leave the bowl in there so they could witness the fall of the fire bowl like it would be some glorious fireworks event.  This is what happened next.   Bryan gets a fire started flames are roaring and the bottom of the bowl completely falls to the ground.  Of course due to Murphy’s Law syndrome this week, he is the only one standing outside watching it.  He was stunned, no one else saw it but him and of course we all saw the aftermath.  (This is house repair #2)

Now if you are superstitious in any way it’s said that “things”- good or bad come in threes.  But being the positive person that I am this will be the only things that need repair or should I say replacement while travel man is out of town.  Not like earlier this year when I arranged for the entire replacement of the water heater.

I refuse to wait around for house repair #3, I just have to focus on fixing #1 and #2.  If #3 comes along later in the week we’ll just take care of that one too.  Question is will I have to give travel man any of the dreaded details while he’s away from  home?  Stay tuned for that answer.


  1. Joan Weise says:

    So you’re assuming he won’t be able to read your blog?! Murphy’s Law 🙂

  2. traveling guy (tom) says:

    Too late, I saw this on my phone. Gotta love technology. At least it isn’t anything major that’s gonna cost a lot of money. I think we should get an american made stone from kettlepizza.

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