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Reminiscing about My Dad…

Today is Memorial Day.  A day we remember and honor our fallen heroes, and the ultimate sacrifice they made for our country.

Today is also day of reflection for me. My thoughts are on my Dad and his huge, loving,caring heart. We lost him five years ago next month and today was his birthday. So apropos for a patriot, a warrior, a family man, and loving husband to have a birthday on Memorial Day.

My thoughts don’t dwell on the sadness of losing my Dad as often as they used to nowadays. My thoughts most often turn to the memories with family. The good times we had coming together for this celebration or that birthday party. My Dad’s uncanny ability to embarrass his grand kids at the dinner table. And his nonsensical way of seeing life as it was and knowing exactly what he needed to do next.


Thinking about the play list of songs that were his favorites.  American Pie, On the Road Again, Fat Bottom Girls, and Rocky Mountain High, just to name a few.  Thinking about how my Dad would have embraced all the new technology surrounding us everyday.  He didn’t like us to say that computer data was stored “in the cloud”.   He felt that was just a big misnomer.  He would always tell us, “You guys do realize that the data is stored in some farm field in Kansas!  Not “in the cloud”.”

Thinking about what an amazing Grandfather he was. Six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren carry on his legacy.  They are an amazing bunch, and he was so proud of all of them.  Helping out at the drop of a hat, and always there to remind us, “it’s natural to be nervous”, in any stressful life situation.

The Grand-Daughters

The Grandsons

The Great-Grandson

The Great-Granddaughter


My reminiscing today would not be complete with out telling you about the love of my parents.  The strength and soul of our family.  They were married for 53 amazing years, and adored one another.  Watching my Dad dote on my Mom and kiss her in front of all the grand kids – a fond, fond memory.  The kids would shout out, “Grandpa – ewwww”, and he would just smile and kiss her again.  We would ask my Dad, “What’s the secret to such a great, long-lasting marriage?”.  He would reply, “I just do whatever your Mother tells me to do.”


Oh those memories are just like a slideshow in my head.  A carousel of memories that circle back around more often on birthdays or holidays.  These are just a handful of the meaningful memories that I carry close to my heart each and everyday.  Wishing each and everyone of you a day filled with family and love creating new memories.

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