Barefoot is Best

Blog post_1127The heart and soul of summertime can definitely be defined by what kind of shoes you are wearing.  Here in Southern California we are blessed with many days of sunshine and warm weather.  I find myself sporting sandals and flip-flops for more months out of the year than all of the rest of you do in other parts of the country.

I am admittedly a barefoot person.  If I find myself at home, and I have nowhere to be in the near future I Am Barefoot!  It is the best way to be in my personal opinion.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do wear shoes when I leave the house.  Normally sandals or flip-flops in the summertime, and shoes that cover my toesies in the winter months.  Oh, and also I rarely wear socks.  This is a budget saver for me.  You know it must be cold outside if I have actually put some socks on.  In California world this would be when the temps are below 60 degrees.  That’s our version of “freezing”.

Now I also have to admit that I am passing my love of bare-footedness onto my sweet granddaughter.  When she comes to stay with me during the week here at Camp Grandma and we venture outside to play and explore, and it’s  warm enough I always tell her, “Let’s take off your shoes.  Barefoot is the Best.”   This is the mantra I am passing along to Madison.  Hopefully these will be words she’ll remember me by.  It is so hilarious to watch her walking across the fire pit area of our back yard barefoot.  This area is a gravely substance, and her Pop-pop cannot believe how she just meanders across the little rocks  with no shoes on at all.

Much to my dismay I have tried on multiple occasions to garden barefoot with not a lot of success.  I always end up putting my sandals or flip-flops on out since this is out in the furthest part of our backyard.  I have to avoid the thorns, and a possible nails or even glass buried in the dirt.

So now tell me the truth are you a barefoot junkie?  Do you wear your flip-flops or sandals 24/7?  Or are your more traditional with your footwear?  You know, do you stick to the tennies, socks or some sort of close toed shoes?  Let me know what your favorites are. I’d love to find out how many of you aspire to my barefoot theory.


  1. I work from home, so I’m bad about leaving the house in my flip flops. Most of the time I forget I have them on! I just hop in the car, go where I’m going, and look down and say, “Oh! I still have my flip flops on.” Luckily I never go anywhere fancier than the grocery store!

  2. Grandma Kc says:

    I am not a barefoot person. I think it comes from growing up on the farm and stepping on too many nails resulting in too many tetanus shots. I used to wear Dr. Scholl’s all the time back when they were made from wood and not plastic! Like Stephanie I became so used to wearing them that I left for a job interview once with them on. Had to turn around and go back and change! Now a days it is tennis shoes 98% of the time!

    • Oh my I remember my first pair of Dr. Scholl’s – the wooden variety too. I got those when we first moved to California in 1977, and my tootsies were in heaven. I loved those things! So glad you stopped in for a visit.

  3. I’m a farm girl from Indiana, and grew up running around barefoot, much to my family’s chagrin, lol. I still can’t get socks or pantyhose off fast enough, lol! Glad to have found you, thanks to @Midlife Luv!

  4. Alana says:

    I used to go barefoot all the time in the house. But, after two broken toes, I learned my lesson. I wear shoes. At work, I wear gladiator sandals. I used to wear flip flops a lot outdoors but I have balance issues now (I’m in my 60’s) and I’ve elected to have Reebok Princess as my go-to shoes.

  5. Paula Reyne says:

    I’m right there with you in believing that ‘Barefoot is Best’, and that flipflops or sandals run a close 2nd – if one must wear shoes. lol. ‘Enjoyed your post! #MidLifeLuv

    • Yes another vote for barefoot!! I’m loving this. My husband thought I was the only one who liked to be barefoot all the time. So glad you stopped by for a visit.

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