Behind the Scenes for the Holidays

Since today is December 1st, and the holidays are right in front of us I felt it would be timely to share some information on how “The Party House”, my house, gets ready for the holidays. 

Since a week or so before Thanksgiving, we have been dusting, and vacuuming and “fall” cleaning getting ready for the holiday season. As I may have shared with you all before our house is the family “Party Pad” as my brother likes to call it.  We host a lot of the family and holiday functions and Travel Man and I totally enjoy being the gathering place for the family fun times.

My daughter, Hilary,helps with the house-cleaning every week.  It’s part of our parental contract- make sure the kids are still contributing to the household even though they’re all in their twenties, and so far it’s working pretty well.

As Hil and I were getting the cleaning in order we came up with a list of pet peeves for some of the dis-order around here.  Maybe some of these things happen in your house too.

1) Please don’t leave your dirty clothes in the bathroom.  We don’t want to pick them up.

2) If you use a Dixie cup to rinse when brushing your teeth for heaven’s sake throw the cup in the trash can!

3) The toothpaste blobs in the sink, have to go.  We don’t want to spend extra time scrubbing them off of the counter and other various places. Yuk.

4) If you take your shoes off somewhere in the house make sure they are pointing North, towards the North pole so Santa will know.   He and his elves are watching you.

5) And repeat number four for your socks.

6) Backpacks and purses are not to cover the flat surfaces in the house, so the furniture is no longer visible. They are for holding your things so put them away.

 7) And finally take care of your own dirty dishes.  If you left it sitting somewhere dirty the elves are not going to pick up after you, and we don’t need any science projects.  Just take care of business.

As we finish up our house prep we just wanted to do a little venting to everyone and share our cleaning challenges so you know that you’re not alone out there.

 What are your household pet peeves?  Did you leave your shoes facing North?

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