Sam’s Club Shopping Joy

blue-shopping-cart-background_f1XDvO5uThis past week I tried an experiment.  I had been wanting to try using Sam’s Club’s online ordering system which they now call Easy Reorder, for a while. (It used to be called Click ‘n Pull)  My grocery shopping efforts, somewhat like my menu efforts, lately have been a little wacky to say the least.  So I decided it was high time I shake things up and try something new.  I have done a lot of ordering on so I’m well aware of the beauty of just having things arrive at my door.

This is how I went about my experiment.  I set a dollar amount that I wanted to spend for my first online experience.  Oh and by the way this order was to be picked up in the store, and not shipped to my house.  I put together a list of my “pantry essentials” that needed replenishing, and then went online to put my order together.  Now what happens the first time you click on the “order” button  is you have access to your past purchases in the store which creates a “grocery list” for you.  This is how I approached my online shopping for this session.  I could delete or add any other items I wanted for this order, and remember I’m working to stay within my dollar amount ($200). Once I completed my order I was then able to schedule a pickup time that was convenient for me  at  my favorite Sam’s Club.

Once my completed order was submitted I received an email with a confirmation of the items in my order.  After this I was able to  just go on about my day and wait for the email or text message confirming my order was ready to be picked up.  Once I  arrived at Sam’s Club to pick up the order, I went to the customer service desk to let them know I was there to pay for the order and pick it up.  After the order was paid for, I waited for just a minute or two and then out came the carts with a cheerful employee with all of my groceries. Boom!  Now off to the car to load up and head for home.

I set my stopwatch when I walked in the store to pick up my order, and start to finish it took me 20 minutes to get in and out of the store.  I was totally impressed with the time factor here.  Normally with the size shopping I was doing I would normally be in the store for over an hour.  Only because I am walking the aisles, browsing, and maybe stopping for some lunch.  After my online experience I am presently in shopping land heaven.  I like the price breaks we get at the big box store, but lately I have dreaded doing this task by myself.

I am pleased to report that this experiment was a complete and huge  success for me.  I will do the online shopping again with no hesitation.  My order was complete, correct, and the gentleman who brought my carts out , there were two, helped me take them to the car and loaded the groceries for me.

Boom!  I’m loving this service and it saved me so much time that I can spend doing other things I love to do.  Writing crazy stories, swimming, and hosting a camp grandma or two.

Have any of you ever tried this service?  Let me know is you liked it or not.  I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start.

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  1. Amy Berthold says:

    How cool! I abhor shopping. This is right up my alley if only we had room in the Mibile Condo.

  2. Mom says:

    Having been on a shopping excursion with you to Sam’s I can absolutely understand how this online experience would be heaven! Congrats on moving to a new level of shopperhood!

  3. Grandma Kc says:

    Now if those same 2 gentlemen could just come home and put it all away — now that would be a service!

    • Ha! That would be the best! For now I can definitely settle for not having to select the groceries, and do the checkout myself. So glad you stopped in for a visit.

  4. Paula Reyne says:

    Like you, I’ve always really dreaded the time factor required to shop at the ‘big box’ stores, like Sams. Knowing there is now a better way to shop makes it much more worth considering making the trip. Thanks for sharing! #MidLifeLuv

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