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I had a curious thought this morning while putting together my list for my Sam’s Club shopping.  How do you write out your grocery list these days?  Personally I do not go to the store without a list.  I would forget too many things.  I try to keep my store visits to a weekly minimum, and don’t really like to spend any great amount of time browsing the food aisles.  You can read about my love (or not) of grocery shopping from my Sam’s Club Shopping story.

FullSizeRenderWe keep a running list of groceries we need on the fridge. I have these write-on small white board labels that stick to the fridge, and use a dry erase marker.  They have been very handy.  No papers flying all over the front of the fridge.  When I’m ready to do my shopping I transfer that list to my phone.  If you live in my house, when we are out of something please write it on the fridge list, so it’s not forgotten.

My go-to app for my grocery list is Evernote.  Once I have transferred my list into Evernote I can easily share it with my favorite Travel Man if he happens to be home.  When he’s home Travel Man does like to go shopping with me, especially if the list is rather long.  He’s the complete opposite of myself.  He likes to browse the aisles, and read the labels, and look for new products.  I like to stick to the list, and get in and out of the store.

It’s been a long, long time since I went to do my grocery shopping with a paper list. I would rather use my phone, and not have to fiddle with an extra piece of paper.  I used to have a really elaborate list for my Sam’s Club shopping.  It was an excel spreadsheet with all of the groceries categorized and took up almost an entire sheet of paper.  If I try to use that paper now the grocery shopping task seems completely overwhelming.  Thank goodness for my smart phone and Evernote.

So here’s my curiosity – How do you grocery shop these days?  Do you take a list or just run out to the store with no list at all?  Do you write your list on paper or is there no paper involved? Are you a daily, weekly, or monthly shopper?

I’d love to hear about your shopping habits.

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  1. Love this!! I used to spend an hour or so doing the family grocery list, then pulling out coupons and such to go with (doing a menu as well).

    Now that it’s just my hubby and me (and the animals), we too keep a running list on the dry erase board on the fridge. Eventually one of us takes a photo with our phone and heads to the store, using the photo list for guidance.

    PS: I hate grocery shopping! More so than changing the litter box.

    • Isn’t funny how our habits change over the years,especially where shopping is concerned. I think it’s because we’ve been menu planning and doing the groceries for a couple of decades! Thanks for stopping by for a visit Lisa.

  2. Amy Berthold says:

    I DETEST shopping in any form or fashion. My handsome chauffeur LOVES to shop. Because we live in our Mobile Condo which has limited storage we need to shop weekly. Yuck for me a DELIGHT for my HC. We do make lists right on the phone, but for some reason I prefer to write it down on paper. Then I take a picture of the list with my camera on my phone Wa-la! Now if I could only remember to write stuff down when I think if it! I love your dry erase board idea. Gotta add that to my list

    • I love that we are of like minds when it comes to shopping. Great minds think alike! Also the labels are a Martha Stewart product I got at Staples. Happy trails to you and your HC. Glad you stopped by for a visit.

  3. Grandma Kc says:

    I don’t mind grocery shopping. Don’t love it but don’t mind it as much as say doing laundry which never seems to get finished! I used a printed list. I have a master grocery list that I print out each week and then check cupboards, fridge and freezers to see what we need. I do keep a white board on the fridge to add things as we run out and it helps!

  4. My husband plans the weekly meals ahead of time and writes two lists–on paper. He loves to stroll along the aisles, checking out new things, and crossing items off. If we didn’t stick to a list, we’d go over budget.

    • How great that your hubby loves to do the shopping! I’m curious why doe he use two lists? Also, I agree with you that the list is so important for sticking to the budget. So Glad you stopped by for a visit Francene.

  5. Pamela Shank says:

    I have a typed up Master List that I work from. It too has changed over the years as our family make up has changed. I do good if I stick to the list..but…sometimes I am bad.

    • I’m loving hearing how everyone handles their grocery lists. Don’t you just love it when you’re checking out and the cashier says, “Did you find everything you needed?”. My reply is usually, “Oh I found everything I needed, and also everything I wanted!”. So glad you stopped by for a visit.

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