Enough of this Coughing Already

Raise your hand if your house is suffering from the dreaded “Spring” colds.  We do live in sunny Southern California, but when our weather changes so quickly from hot to freezing (anything below 60 degrees in this neck of the woods), we inevitably get some colds.  My house has been under the cold and coughing siege for over 10 days now.  First the boys got sick, and now Travel Man is under the weather.  The cold and sinus part does not seem to be so bad, but the cough that this cold brought into the house is not good.  It’s one of those coughs that is annoying, incessant, non-stop, and just drones on until you have a headache.  The Momster here (that’s me) had to pull out all of the stops to help the boys get through the coughing.  We were using Throat Coat tea, cough drops, sugar-free cough drops for Zach (as he is diabetic), juice, water, and the humidifier.  Zach was coughing so bad one night it kept him awake forever.

And now my Travel Man has “the cough”.  He is traveling a lot right now, and he was driving to his destinations for a few weeks and then last week he got on a plane to fly to Northern California. He usually goes through a routine of wiping down the airplane seats and trays with Clorox wipes, but he did not do so on this flight.  I told him that he let his guard down, because he hadn’t flown for a while and was off of his routine,  and then he got “the cold”.  Luckily he has a few days of down time to get over the coughing.

For myself, I am running around the house disinfecting everything; remotes, light switches, faucets, bathrooms sinks.  I refuse to get sick!  I’m doing my Emergen-C, staying hydrated, and getting my rest.  This Momster will not be getting “the cough”.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.  I will keep you posted on our coughing progress.  Now I’m off to get more cough drops!

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  1. Joan Weise says:

    I suggest that everyone have their own tube of toothpaste. We realized that in using the same tube the toothbrushes are swiping across a common tube. A pain in the tush for separate tubes but we rarely pass the cold.

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