I’ve Been Away Far Too Long

Here is it the second, no wait third week of February (already!) and I have been away from my writing for far too long.

Life’s just been a bundle of ups and downs recently, a little stormy with not a lot of sunshine on the horizon.  But sometimes that’s what happens, and that’s what life is.

 abstract-rainy-season-background-with-rain-drops-and-umbrellas_zJ9kGjD_ bad-weather_10035404-032114 abstract-rainy-season-background-with-rain-drops-and-colorful-umbrellas_f1f0bjvd

So today I proclaim I must have more sunshine in my life. For me that means I need to be writing and sharing my stories.  I’ll be letting you know what’s been going on in the Revelings world over the next few weeks.

yellow dandelions in the springSunflower backgroundyellow dandelions in the spring


I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day weekend.  Stay tuned for my post on the final pages of our Family Calendar.  It’s really a spectacular sight.  I’m looking forward to getting back in the saddle, and getting some writing done.

See you soon!

ps- Images courtesy of Graphic Stock.


  1. Sending warm and sunny thoughts your way in hopes of brightening up things at least a smidgen. Dark days suck. Sorry you’ve been stuck in them.

  2. Grandma Kc says:

    I an sorry for all the storms clouds — it will be nice to have you back.

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