Merry Christmas to all…

Hello dear friends – I hope everyone has been enjoying a festive and happy holiday season with friends and family.  The Party House has been a bevy of activity for the past week or so.  I am anxious to get back on my blogging and share my pre-Christmas stories with you all.  Looking forward to sharing all of my crafting activities, baking stories, and how the big day turned out.

We were fortunate to have Travel Man home with us for the entire Christmas week, and even though he was battling a bad cold it was great that he was home to share all of the activities with us.

Here’s a picture of all the wonderful kids in the family.  From left to right we have our grandson, Evan; our sons, Zach & Bryan; our niece, Mary; our daughter, Hilary; our nephew, Jim, and our oldest daughter Naomi. This is the group that makes the Party House rock!!  What a group!

We are still enjoying lots and lots of Christmas cookies, candies, and some leftover ham.  It’s just a delightful, plethora of good eating.  Stay tuned for more Christmas activities from the Party House.  Hope your holidays have been as great as ours!

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