My Blogiversary – 4 Years and Counting

sunflowers-abstract-background_fJh4nnvd-002Four years ago this week I pressed the “publish” button and I was off and running with my little blog, Renee’s Revelings.  It’s always amazing to me how quickly time goes by.  I started my blog just because  I had some stories I wanted to share.  Most importantly I wanted to share our family stories of how we have dealt with chronic medical conditions, and childhood leukemia.  My opinion has always been if I can touch one person’s life who maybe is struggling a little, and I can give them hope that they will be ok then my writing has made a difference.

I’ve told stories about so many things over the past few years.  Tom’s Travels, grand-kiddies, quirky happenings around the house when Travel Man is away, and lots and lots of family stories.  Little did I know that I would enjoy writing and sharing my stories so much.  It has been a positive force in my life, and now I’m always looking for tools and tips to improve my writing.  I will admit I have had bouts of not being able to write one word.  This was especially true when my Dad passed away two years ago.  It was so difficult to put any thoughts and stories on paper.  I honestly had to do a ton of just plain journaling my thoughts in order to find my way back to my stories.  But after getting through  the loss, and helping my Mom start to put things in order for herself I found my way back to my story-telling.

Blogging has been a great learning experience for me.  Teaching me how to be more social (that’s out of my comfort zone for sure), and teaching me so, so much about the world of social media.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and on and on. Oh my there’s a lot to learn out there in the blogosphere.  I had better get busy! As I continue on in my blogging adventures I hope you will come along with me, and bring your cup of coffee too!



  1. Grandma Kc says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I know what you mean about the time flying!

  2. Mom says:

    I always enjoy your writings and am proud of your desire to share your experiences. I know, just know, that you have helped others. You never know who shares your stories and where they may land. That is the beauty of this blogosphere/ internet. I find it therapeutic to write about my circumstances even though right now I am not publishing them. It is just helpful to get stuff out of my head! Here’s to another four years of sharing life stories, my dear daughter!

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