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Find a Container and Garden

One of my favorite ways to dress up my patios in the summertime is with containers of plants and flowers.  Big pots, small pots, any size at all pots.  I love to have the flowers all around on the patios.  Last week before the 4th holiday I was replanting all of my big flower pots on the patio.  I thought I would share my process as it’s really simple, and a great way to spruce up your patio for summer time, spring time, fall time, or anytime at all time.

I had two big red planter pots that were on my front patio.  And they had been empty for a while, so I decided this was the week to replant.  These are plastic pots so they’re very lightweight.  It’s very easy to find the lightweight pots these days.  All of the home improvement stores carry them, and at Wal-Mart the bigger pots are especially budget friendly.


So, take your big empty pot, and add some empty water, or soda bottles, and fill the pot about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way full.  I saw  this trick on one of the home improvement shows, and filed it in my list of things to remember.  This makes the big pot so much lighter when you are finished.  If your twenty-somethings aren’t around you can lift this one by yourself.   And with this method you save some money on potting soil too.

Next cut a piece of weed cloth and lay it on top of the layer of bottles. This  will contain the potting soil.  Then add your potting soil and fill the pot to the top.

Now it’s time to select your plants.  For this pot I chose the tall spiky plant in the middle first.  This is called a Cordyline.   I picked this one for the great color on the leaves.  Just the color I was looking for.  Then I found the flowers to surround them.  This plant is a Celosia.  It will get yellow and red flowers.  I choose this one for the colors in the leaves too.  Just love the vibrant greens.   I set the plants on top of the dirt first to get my arrangement just right.

Now it’s time to get everything planted in the pot, and water generously to get all of the plants settled in the dirt. Move the beautiful pot to its new home and enjoy!!  I like to use annuals in all of my pots so I can change them out for each season.  It’s a great way to add color to your patio.

Have you tried any container gardening lately?


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