FaceTime with the Grandkids

My grand-kiddies can be sooooo entertaining.  They will be the generation that takes all of the new fangled technology for granted.  They won’t be oohing and aahing over a new computer that’s about to be released, or some other gadget that just came on the market like the rest of us do.  We didn’t have all the amazing gadgets that our grand-kids can get their hands on when we were kids. “The cloud” will morph into something completely different by the time they are young adults.

Quite frequently on any given weekday night, around Miss Madison’s bedtime I will receive a “FaceTime” call on my phone. This is the iPhone version of a video call.  The call normally starts out with Madison making some sort of silly face into the phone.

2015-02-26 11.43.37

This is a typical example of how our video call will start

Then she will finally say “Hi Grandma”.   I’ll ask her what she had for dinner, or she’ll have something “important” to tell me about her dog, Daisy.  We’ll chat for a few minutes, I mean seconds and then she usually gets distracted or she just hangs up on me with no warning.  Madison is an expert at pressing that “red” button to hang up on me.

Evan on the other hand loves to have his Face Time calls all to himself.  He really does not like to share this calling time with his baby sister.  He loves to talk and say hi to anyone and everyone in our house.  We always humor him and pass the phone around so he can talk to all of us. Sometimes he will have something to tell us, maybe a joke or something about his friends he needs to share.  Then there are other times when he  simply just  wants to say “Hi”.

Here’s a few of my favorite Evan “selfies”.  I usually find these on my phone or computer after he has gone home.

2013-10-03 19.02.51-1

21-2013-02-11 08.49.19


FaceTime is a great way for the grand-kiddies to stay connected to their Pop-Pop while he’s away on a business trip too.  Plus it’s nice for Pop-Pop to chat with them when he can.  It always helps him feel more connected to home while he has to be away.

If video chatting is new to your technology world use it often.  It’s nice to be able to say hi to long distance relatives, or your husband who travels frequently for his job.  In my opinion it’s a great way to stay and feel connected to your love ones.

What’s your favorite video chatting mode-Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facetime?


  1. So cute! I was *just* less than an hour ago talking to someone about the FaceTime antics with my grandsons. They like to walk around the house and talk when it’s their “turn” to talk to PawDad and Gramma. (Yeah, sharing the small screen is out of the question, most of the time. They each want to HOLD it, so they go separately.) I can’t wait til they all get a tad older and we can have real conversations without getting dizzy from them walking and such. BUT, it’s still a fabulous connector. Love seeing their goofy faces and antics, even if I get a little nauseous while enjoying them. 😀

  2. Does anyone have kids living in their hometowns anymore? We all seem to have long distance grandchildren these days. Enjoyed hearing how your FaceTime conversations go as they are pretty much like mine. Could also relate to the comment above by Lisa. And yes, I guess they all just take this technology for granted. When I was little, if we wanted to talk to our Grandma we had to walk to her house and knock on the door. She never did get a telephone! Great read – thanks.

  3. Grandma Kc says:

    Gilly’s comment really made me smile! Around her we use Google hangout to video chat — and Amara only lives 1 mile away! We vchat almost daily and her mother and I definitely vchat daily! I love technology!

    • I love that you live so close and use the video chat. I really find it fun to just talk a bit, and then talk again! Thanks for stopping by and have a great holiday weekend!

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