A Little Vacation

Hello friends and neighbors. Travel Man and I are taking a vacation together for the rest of the week. We’ll also be celebrating our tenth anniversary. Wow! Time does fly when you’re having an adventure. I’ll be back with my blogging stories next week. In the meantime I’ll be taking a little break from the electronics too. Everyone enjoy a wonderful weekend.


  1. pam Herman Lynn says:

    Enjoy your little anniversary trip! I could take trips for a living! Love to travel to new and different places. Enjoy the break from electronics, we had a two day break of electronics in Florissant, Colorado, it is very healthy. Have a blast together and Happy Anniversary!


    • Thanks so much Pam. We had a wonderful time immersing ourselves in the New York lifestyle. Subways, cabs, lots and lots of walking. And the best weather too!. Thanks for stopping by.

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