Another Installment of When Travel Man’s Away…..

This has been kind of a funky morning.  My theory is with a Road Warrior for a husband (aka Travel Man) nothing goes wrong around the house until he is away.  Travel Man is in Alabama working this weekend, and there’s a few household glitches I thought I would share with you all.

  • The patio screen door would not go back on the track.  After a new an improved latte in my coffee mug this one is fixed.  Just needed some caffeine to get past my frustration on this one.
  • The washer has a quirky problem.  We have a fancy new fangled front loading washer.  If certain someone’s do not clean out their pockets properly sometimes things get stuck in this little filter/trap on the front of the washer.  This was happening quite often so I got a lesson in how to fix it myself.  So of course today, I had to clean out the trap- yuck, smelly water, and now we’re back in business.  Who needs a washer warranty anyway.
  • And my last quirk was that the first latte I made myself this morning had no espresso dripped into it.  The filter folded over on itself, and the coffee never dribbled into the milk.  This one happened before the previous two.

At this moment, I am happy to report that I got my latte, got everything fixed and in shape, and now on with my family weekend.  Oh,  and in case you’re wondering, and even if you are not, a Road Warrior is someone who makes their living while traveling from place to place or customer to customer, or job to job.  On the road, in the air, not usually by bus or train unless they are in some remote location.  My Travel Man is a Field Service Technician, and travels to plants all over the USA for his work.  But the details there are a story for another day.  Hope you all enjoy your Friday.  Mine is much better now.  Toodles!

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